Plz suggest daily workout program for my 17 year old son?

How to go about the daily workout. is the right age for him to start. plz give related websites too.

well it all depends on what his interests are, plus he has to enjoy it as well, i recommend running, running is good for eeeeveruthing and gets you started on knowing yourself better as an athlete, secondly swimming is known as the best workout there is, especially because there is no straight impact, and he will feel better afterwards, and well last but not least get him going to a gym, weights are great and he can develope some muscles and he will feel better about himself. All of these i recommend and remember i am not only the president but i am also a client, i workout and i like to do it, i enjoy it, so if he is not enjoying it than why even bother. Good luck, and you should join him as well.

Get your son a subscription to Young Men’s Health. There are a multitude of workout tips, healthy diet tips, and the kind of solid info about woman that every young man needs to know.

Ok… Where do we start…

Cardio: He can do as much cardio as he can handle!

Weights: Try and have him avoid squats and any verticle movements that will possibly restrict his height growth. If you can afford it, have him train with a personal trainer or an expirenced weight trainer. Weight training can also create further disfunctions in his ligaments and joints if he trains incorrectly. Ideally, Try have him not train heavy weights until he is 19+. As an alternative, have him train in exercises where he uses only his own body-weight as a restrictive force and counterbalance (Unless he is overweight, then work on a healthy weight percentage) – such as: push-ups, chin-ups, lunges etc etc. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to ask! 😀

FOOTBALL i am a 17 year old girl and i play football and it is so much fun and you get a real good workout

healthy exercise is a free web sit 4 healthy children daily workout and diet

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