Is it really true that “everyone should be entitled to their opinion”?

Yes. What they do with it, however, may be subject to more scrutiny.

Everyone IS entitled to their own opinion unless you happen to live in a country where freedom of speech does not exist.Even then you can express an opinion but only to those you trust.Everyone however, is not entitled to the response they want when giving an opinion.That is completely up to the recipient of the opinion.

Yes I would say it is – we aren’t all going to agree with everyone’s opinion but everyone has the potential for genius and even the most unsuspecting person could hold the answer to to problem being posed – you can’t be judgemental and anticipate what someone will say or do – people redeem themselves all the time, it’s just that some people are blind to it and only see what they want to see. Basic rights to freedom of speech mean that everyone gets the same chance for change.


Yes everyone has a right to their opinion, BUT there is no right that people shall be heard or listened to.

Sure, this is America. However, that doesn’t make someone’s opinion right or wrong. That’s the fabulous thing about opinions, there are no wrong answers, just disagreements.

everyone has a right to raise his voice for what he stands for. it is imperative that you raise your voice to which you stands for.
but when saying this i should also say that quote”great responsibilities go with great authority”
so it is necessary that when you say something you should have a valid explanation for the same.
also you should evaluate other conflicting views to correct yourself if you finds out you are wrong.
As long as you have an opinion and it is unbiased you should stand for it.


Yes of course, but collective opinion would prevail.

only as long as the person knows when not to speak… every opinion is not worth shouting out as it can do a lot of harm

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