Is it possible to love yourself yet also hate yourself?

Is it possible to love yourself yet also hate yourself? I feel like I love myself and I’m very cocky with the things I do but I also hate myself. I’m the only person who can hate myself though. Idk, i just thought this was weird. Does any one have the same feeling or am I just weird?! (and by weird i mean…

Sure it is.
You don’t hate yourself, you just don’t like some things about yourself and yu could just be too hard on yourself. Like if I make a mistake, I’ll think to myself “No, you d*ck”. And I don’t like myself for being shy, cause I hate being called shy. But at the same time, I also like things about myself too, and like being me.

Why do you say you hate yourself? What don’t you like about yourself?
I think you mean dislike. Hate is a very strong word. In my mind, hate means that you couldn’t care less if they got run over by a bus. It’s kind of like an evil word. Dislike just means there are things about someone that you are not attracted to, morally or generally speaking. It’s in compatibility.

And I know what you mean, you’d never let anyone else put you down. But I guess since you’ve been you for so long, you’re comfortable enough to say whatever you want in your mind. It’s just you.

Be wary of being too cocky. Confidence is attractive, but cocky can come off as unlikeable.

Something tells me that you are being too hard on yourself. You should credit yourself for the things you do right, who you are, how you look, your achievement, parts of your personality etc. You’re never going to be anybody else but you, so you might as well be nice to yourself, because this will make you happier, more at peace with yourself and it will boost your self-esteem.

You can choose to be your own worst enemy or your own best friend you can ever have.
At the end of the day, it’s your choice.
Be comfortable in your own skin and just be you.
Take care. xx

Of course it’s. Ever see a guy who’ll stroll in every single place humans simply to climb a company ladder? Ever read the parable about the wealthy man and Lazarus? The rich man’s dogs had more sympathy for Lazarus than the wealthy man did. That is what occurs when any one loves themselves and hates their fellow man. Nonetheless, it is also possible to hate yourself and nonetheless love your fellow man. I do. I hate the whole thing about each mistake i have ever made. I detest my own existance on this earth. It would have been better had i’ve been a miscarriage, rather of dwelling long sufficient to look the light of day. Yet, I proceed on, since i like my husband and my children with all my heart. I continue on, because i love God and Jesus Christ with all my coronary heart, my intellect, and my force. I continue on, for the reason that i love mankind a lot, that I do not wish to see anyone despatched to hell. …And it quite is a bummer to peer any person willingly stroll head first into Hell regardless of all my efforts.

I swear I do that all the time. I complain about how everyone is useless and how I’m so much better than everyone. I tell myself I’m perfection and I’m better than everyone then the next minute I’m crying because I’m ugly and I’m a horrible person. I hope its just hormones, either that or I need mental help.

I used to have that when I was going through depression. Its probably kinda rare (I’m guessing) but it seems very possible.
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i never get these kind of thought whenever i think of love or hate i think of someone else

u might have deep issues going on; seek help.

I have to say yes.

Yes, I do that all the time! *sighs heavily…*

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