If ows protesters had guns, tear gas and clubs who would win if they fought the police?

The police. Most of society truly backs their civil servants.

non violent protest? Sorry, you have been staring on the mainstream media too a lot. whilst the law enforcement officials ruin those issues up, they have gotten way previous the “non violent protest” section. I recommend, you had OWS protesters says they had to firebomb Macy’s. it relatively is non violent

Police -> Riot Police -> National Guard -> Army

The Police will win.

the police recall the song I fought the law and the law won, it is the same way in reality

The police always wins. If necessary, they can call in the Army.

As opposed to the rocks, gasoline bombs, bats and clubs they have used???

I hope you’re the “military” advisor for this bunch of misfits…:-)

They don’t need weapons, just numbers.

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