How good is the Yamaha F335 acoustic guitar?…

I read a review that said it sounded a bit toyish. Is this a good guitar for beginners? I’m a girl, and I have small hands.

I didn’t try the F335, but I know the Yamahas are good usually. I have a Yamaha Flamenco and it is really good. The necks are big, but you will get used to it. They are definitely an investment, but are good quality. They have a good sound.

Yamaha F335 Acoustic Guitar Review

I use to have a Yamaha FG 335 II, that was a good ‘work’ guitar for 30 years. Even though it eventually developed a slight top warp at the bridge, and minor neck bow and wear, it stayed in tune surprisingly enough.

Many ‘plywood’ tops come across well enough to function as expected, and provide the basic tonal appreciations.

As comparison, I tried a new 335 model a few years ago and it felt and sounded almost identical. The salesman at the Guitar Center said basically, you don’t change something that works well for many over the years.

It would compare Yamaha brand models to Ibanez, and even, Takamine, as being very close in something so well made, and of similar expressions and performance. I’ve played them all. After all, the odds are good they come from the same factory too. Just different contracts.

The Ibanez guitars may fit well (faster neck and fingerboards) for some with ‘smaller’ hands too.

But as said by another, best to try them out for yourself.

Yamaha F335 Review

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How good is the Yamaha F335 acoustic guitar?

I read a review that said it sounded a bit toyish. Is this a good guitar for beginners? I'm a girl, and I have small hands.

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Yamaha is a decent brand of guitars. Especially their old guitars. Try it out. If you don’t like it, then try something else. Everyone has a different feel

I wouldn’t describe a Yamaha dreadnought as toylike, myself. It’s actually a bit bigger than a standard dreadnought. Yamaha makes very decent beginner guitars, but I recommend playing one before you buy – their necks often aren’t the slimmest.

From the reviews it sounded pretty good. You can start playing on almost any guitar and this looks like it would be good for you. I would highly recommend you going to the store and playing it first so that you will know if you enjoy the feel and sound of it. I would highly not recommend you ordering it over the internet.

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