Honest opinions needed please ;-) women and men!!! Thankyou?

Sorry for how long this is going to be and thankyou ahead of time for taking the time to read it and to answer…Okay will give a little bit of background so you know where im coming from!
I met lewis 4 years ago and for 2 years everything was fine, we gt on really well and were very happy however he then wanted…

Sorry about how long this is going to be but I read your entire diatribe – twice, so I expect you to read mine!

First things first

1) Why do women always do this. You like to break up then still hold the guy to celibacy. If you are broken up, you are broken up. Let it be. If he sleeps with a dozen women, it is no business of yours! If you wanted the break up then be ready for the consequences or don’t break up!

2) So what he told you nothing happened during the break up. Why would he tell you the gory details of sex with another woman? You dated around, did he ask you for details? You were broken up – helloooo!!

3) You continued to question him about something that happened during a break up? I am one of the strongest proponents of jealousy. I believe both participants in any relationship should always be jealous. You need to protect that which is yours. Listen to the signals the jealousy is giving and react accordingly. BUT, you were on a break up!!! Leave it alone, you cannot control his life if you are not going to be a part of it. What he did during the entire time you were on break up is his business. I don’t care if he slept with your friends Mother, you are on break up. Don’t break up if you want a monogamous relationship with this man.

4) You believed a totally unknown from face book before you believed the one you want to have children with?” Did you read that? You believed a stranger before you believed someone who you shared your body and mind with. Facebook is full of posers and cranks; you know who your boyfriend is. Give him the benefit of the doubt! Oh, and get the H off facebook!!!

5) Lying about smoking?? Smoking is a very personal choice. I am not a smoker and I don’t really care for the habit. My wife was a smoker though. No, I never divorced her because she smoked. I am still happily married to her. She is no longer a smoker but that was her decision. Did she ever “lie” to me about quitting? Yes, if that is how you want to put it. Did I leave her? NO! I tried to help her get back on track. Your priorities may be a little mixed up. Help him, don’t leave him!!

6) You hit him once and the police came? Sounds to me there was a little more to it than that. How many times did you hit him? How many things did you throw at him? How many things did you break? Who called the police? Were you so violent that they just happened to hear you down at the precinct? Give us the truth lady, you went postal on him didn’t you?

7) He’s dating someone else while you are carrying his child? Lady, you sicked the cops on him! Once again, you are on break-up. Best friend or not, it doesn’t matter. If you show him and the world that you don’t want him, then you need to be ready for the consequences. If you can’t handle the consequences then don’t throw him away!

8) What should you do? IF you are serious about this guy then;
A) Concentrate on the time you two spend together, not the break up time
B) Quit asking about his activities during break-ups, it has nothing to do with you
C) Quit holding smoking over his head like a guillotine, help him, don’t hinder him
D) Let him be with you for your child, and his
E) Believe him before strangers until you can prove he is lying
F) Quit breaking up every time he farts!
G) Bring him home, get married, have your baby and live happily ever after

Now, on a side note. When you write a “wall of words” like this, you can only expect the most dedicated YAers to read it. This is one of my favorite categories, so I am one of those who will read it. BUT, take the time to click on that little pencil and eraser on the right hand side of your text box. Fix the errors and misspellings. Also, make paragraphs, a lot of them are packed into this one wall. Some of us are willing to read and to respond but please, make it a bit easier for us.

Thank you and the very best of luck to you and your boyfriend and your brand new soon to be baby!

Wow! you have a lot going on. You have had some ups and downs. I would let him come and, have him sit down and both go over things. Not so much the past. You want to make sure he is ready to settle down with just you and the baby. It would be wonderful to be married to the baby’s daddy.
I think you know down inside it’s his baby. Ask yourself, do I love him this much to be with him the rest of your life. If so go with your feelings.

I think after you have a nice talk and gets things out in the open, you will be a happy couple.
You need to give all 3 of you the change of a lifetime.

You two sound way too young and immature to be starting a family. But since you are already pregnant, you should get married and try to make it work for the baby. By your actions you have forfeited your carefree early 20s, a time when you should be trying out different boyfriends and jobs to figure out what you want. Now you have to be a grownup.

On the flip side, you can be a grandmother by 40!

He’s an old fool. but so am I been in love with my lady since she was 16 but backed off because of my age and love has grown over the years and I’m 16 years older then her and I would never do that to her I love her to much to screw it up. She brings all the goodness out of me.

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I agree with Gary!
You need individual & couples counseling NOW!
You are too young & to jealous & not trusting to even be having a child with this guy.

what ever we say wont make you trust him, make sure you do trust him before you have him back or your gonna make both of your lives crappy good luck

Just be yourself. It doesn’t matter if it’s good enough for someone else.

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