Found out army boyfriend is married and i’m pregnant he is in middle of divorce and I don’t know what to do?

When we originally met he told me he was divorced. Which was fine with me because I’m divorced. Later however I became suspicious and he said he was separated. Which I didn’t think much of because when me and my ex husband separated I didn’t mind him dating. But we ended our marriage on good terms. I…

I know this is hard, but it seems you can decipher reality from the corn that this man is feeding you. This guy is unreliable, a chronic liar, wants to people please so much that he doesn’t know his own mind. But you know your’s and this isn’t your value or desires of heart. You deserve to be someone’s special someone forever, and only just you, not shared with others. There will be others if this is his path. Separate your feelings from being manipulated into the rosy family ideal, because it aint gonna happen the way he is. You can’t change anyone. He is as he is. So I would cut that cord and move on. The baby still has a dad however, it would be better for you to not have him as a husband. You can’t trust his word. You should be able to legally access funds from him because it is his child and family court should be able to help out. Maybe share your place with another mom. It is not in your best interest to keep up with this guy who is out for #1 and doesn’t respect women at all. The truth is huge and he doesn’t get it. You can forgive him but that doesn’t mean trust him and let him fool you into his ‘love’ for you.You can create a happy atmosphere and life for your baby without lies, deception, stress, cheating, games etc.

Well, unfortunately you’re on your own. Depending on your situation (financially), you can either have an abortion, give the baby up for adoption, or keep it and raise it for the next 20 years. If you decide to keep it, it’s going to be pretty rough, and the end of your own life as you know it. You’ll need to take him to court to get a DNA test to prove he is the father, then you’ll need to go to court to get court-ordered child support, and then if he doesn’t pay, you’ll need to go back to court to get a lien on his paycheck since he’s in the military. All of this is very, very rough and difficult to go through for both you and the child. And it will mire you down for years and years, and ruin your life. Also, the child will know that s/he has a father who doesn’t give a crap about them, and that is a HORRIBLE feeling for any child to have. Seriously think about giving the baby up for adoption if you don’t want to have an abortion. You can call the base and find out who his commanding officer is, or call the base chaplain and let him run interference for you to find out who the commander is, and report it there. But if you do that, your “boyfriend” might get a demotion or even discharged, and then his wife and unborn baby will be left with no means of support. This isn’t just about you, unfortunately, you have to take everyone into consideration – something your “boyfriend” didn’t care enough to do. So do the best thing, which is either an abortion or give the baby up for adoption to a family who will love him, have both parents in the home, a nice life, good education, etc., and then move on with your life. Most adoption agencies (or attorneys for private adoption couples) will put you up in a nice place, pay your medical bills, and other necessities, etc. until the baby is born so you wouldn’t have to worry about that. And needless to say, don’t let yourself get used like this again. If you aren’t doing something fulfilling in life, like a career that you love, get going on that. Go to college if you need to, whatever you need to get your own firm foundation (financially, emotionally, physically) under your feet, buy your own house and car, etc. and don’t allow anyone to take advantage of you again like this putz did.

Get rid of this guy. If he cheated on his wife with you, he will cheat on you too. What kind of life will that provide for your baby? Having no father is better than having one who will never be faithful or who you can never trust. If you need support then sue him for child support. You say you want a happy life for your baby but if you are married and you don’t trust your husband and are always miserable then how will that give your baby a happy life? It won’t.

Drag iis low down cheating @ss to child support and make him pay for this baby, because it is his to. When you are ready find a guy who loves you and that baby enough to take care of both of you, even though the baby isn’t his own. F*ck that son of a ***** and may he rot in h3ll. Make sure he da*n well gets sued for that and he can get kicked out because he deserves to be kicked out 4 adultery.

**** him just like he lied to his wife and you he is going to keep lying who else is he sleeping with that you dont know about yet?? He is trying to have his cake and eat it to! Maybe she will be understanding and not sue you i hope! But as fair as your baby care he is the father take his *** to child support when the baby is gone rather he is with you or not he has to take care of that baby. I wouldnt bother with him anymore you already see how he is a piece of ****! Your child can have a father it is called vistations!

Take him to court. He’s NOT going to leave his wife. Get child support. There won’t be a happy ending. You will raise the baby alone.

You dont deserve him. Whats going top stop him cheating on you when your in the middle of pregnancy. Whats going to stop him from lying to you again. Its best for you to raise your kid on your own than have your kid emotionally hurt because you get hurt or his/her dad leaves you. Theres nothing more that hurts a kid than have his parents separate. Trust me, kids suffer more because they dont understand fully whats happening and they’ll feel neglected.

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