Do people from Northern Ireland who hold Irish citizenship still get free NHS treatment?

I was just wondering, really.
Do those with dual citizenship still get the health care?
Do those with just Irish citizenship, but born in and living in Northern Ireland get it?

Any answers would be really greatly appreciated, and please keep the sectarian comments to yourself, and I’d appreciate informed…

Yes they do. The reason is that Irish people coming to the UK (and NI is part of the UK) are considered settled as soon as they arrive. However they must be resident and not just visiting.

NHS treatment is free to anyone who is legally resident in the UK with some conditions for certain immigration categories.

Emergency treatment is free to all regardless of immigration status or nationality.

A friend of mine comes from the Irish Republic but was born in NI as the nearest hospital was over the border. He now lives and works in London yet still holds his Irish Republic passport. In fact he is entitled to citizenship of both the Republic and the UK.

Of course because they are resident. Hardly any consider themselves dual nationals, as such. The Nationalist community tends to register as Irish citizens,even though as born in part of the UK they are British legally, and most Loyalists would not dream of doing so, even though they could in theory.They identify with their Britishness and their British citizenship accordingly. Irish citizens living, in England Scotland and Wales (there are many!!) pay taxes too and get health care. Now even people from new parts of the European Union, living in Britain, do too!

Even if you didn’t have a Northern Irish or the Republic of Ireland passports, but, say, a Canadian passport, the NHS will still fully treat you in the hospital at ANY time. And you can register with a local GP as long as you can prove you reside nearby it.

The NHS is fully obliged to give emergency treatment to those who need it regardless of nationality. If the treatment is not needed at the current moment, the UK government and services will try to get you transferred to a hospital in your resident country.

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