BMW 328i and the 335i? is it worth the extra $6,450?

I know that the 328i and the 335i both have the same 28mpg highway witch is good, but what other specs does it include? like the 335i has the turbo-charged engine v6 with 300horsepower and a better rear bumper with the twin pipes across. the 328i has that weird exhaust like the 2.0l audi a4, a5!

Here’s a suggestion. If you’re looking to spend that kind of money, have a look at the 5 series instead.

It is interesting that the cost difference (MSRP anyway) between a 328i vs 335i is $7450, but the difference between a 528i vs 535i is $5050.

And the 5 does come with a lot more equipment that is STANDARD even on the base car, compared to the 3; which you have to pay for as options (and we all know BMW options are expensive).

Also, since you’re talking about resale; options will not increase the base value of your car much when it comes time to resell. But a bigger/higher end car will. So; always buy the highest end/largest model (in this case anyway) that your budget will allow instead of loading up with options.

BTW, The BMW engines here are I-6 (Inline-6), not V-6. Also, BMW’s maintenance program is just for the first 4 years/50,000 miles (not 100,000 miles). If you want to stretch it to 6 years/100,000 miles, it’s another $2,095 (for the 3 series).

Before you make your purchasing decision I would encourage you to read up on the 335’s high pressure fuel pump issues. These mainly affect engines with the twin turbo, in-line 6 (135, 335, 535, etc) from 2007-2010 but I have read numerous articles about the continuing issues with this faulty fuel pump, even in the newest models. I own a 2007 335i and am having this part replaced for the third time in the last 2 years (I’ve owned it for 3). It shuts down the twin turbos, which results in a lack of power, and it sounds like a lawn mower. There’s also a recall out. I must admit though, when it’s working properly it is the ultimate driving machine – it’s just not the most reliable.

A few weeks ago the stars aligned and I was able to get behind the wheel of several cars that may be of interest to a few MF readers. Not only did I finally get my long term GP dropped off (apparently press cars don’t drive through 14″ of snow) but I also had an opportunity to drive several new BMWs: the 328i Coupe, the 328ix Wagon, and the all-conquering 335i twin-turbo sedan. While none of them are typically cross-shopped with MINIs, they are part of the same family and all offer an interesting counter-point to a frantic car such as the GP. Here’s a quick look at each.

The 335 is an incredible motor. Twin turbo really sets you back in your seat where if you don’t care that much about power but still have the giddy-up then do the 328i. Is it worth it, yes if you want power. BMW has 100k mile warranty so possible future costs aren’t to be worried about especially with the turbos.

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