٩(̾●̮̮̃̾•̃̾)۶ Do attractive people have a better chance at becoming famous than talented, unattractive people?

BQ ~ chicken or lobster?

Yeah, it does seem that way. People want something to idolise/ someone nice to look at. Sometimes they don’t even have the talent…

BQ: I think I can’t live without chicken. ♥

Absolutely. For instance: Rebecca Black, Justin Beiber, Barack Obama.. The main source of getting fame for ugly people is by already being rich – Donald Trump or funny – Larry the Cable Guy

Being attractive/ unattractive doesn’t matter. If you have talent and a decent face….you can become famous. Bill gates for example.

I think it depends on what your trying to become famous for. Like if your trying to become famous in sports it probably doesn’t matter what you look like.

If your trying to be a model , singer , or something like that you need a certain look. (most famous people undergo sugery to make then look better )

It varies and there, of course, are exceptions, but it seems to be more true like with pop stars and some actors/actresses.
However, with rock bands, etc., it doesn’t seem to be based as much on looks as much as musical talent.

No. Look at Donald Trump,Larry King,Jay Leno.

no a lot of famous people are unattractive to me.

yeah and girls have more a chance to become models their are so many models that don’t really have any talents

chicken i don’t remember what lobster tastes like

in mainstream music it seems that way. you dont even have to have talent.

but generally yes either way. if you look like ron jeremy, chances are it wouldnt matter how talented you are because you wont beat out brad pitt for a leading man role.

No i don’t think that is true look at Mick Jagger he isn’t that good looking but he is famous and so i can name more celebrities, I think look also matter but what matters more is if that person have talent.

I like them both but i can choose one huh? lol
Ok lobster.

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