Would you invite her?

Would you invite your husband-to-be’s cousins girlfriend to your wedding if you didn’t like her. (a legitimate reason to dislike her). Husband-to-be and cousin are close, but he and the girlfriend are not.

Would it be very rude, or as she is not ‘family’, it is acceptable?

If you are adding a “plus one” or “and guest” to the invites of individuals with girlfriends and boyfriends, it would be awkward to exclude her. However, if you are not extending your guest list to your guest’s boyfriends and girlfriends, then there is no reason why you need to invite her.

Note that it is expected that you invite your guest’s fiance/fiancee or their husband/wife.

honestly, I’m in the same dilemma. My fiancé’s cousins somewhat girlfriend (they aren’t official) has stated many times how much she dislikes me and constantly is calling me names, even went as far as b**ching to my dad on Facebook. If her and my fiancés cousin become official before the wedding, I honestly probably won’t give him a plus one because I’m not going to spend money to have someone that pretty much hates me and has tried to start fights with my parents at my wedding, I don’t care if it’s rude.
I think the reason you dislike her matters here. If she personally attacks you and talks bad about you to other people, like your fiancé’s family, I don’t think she deserves an invitation. Also, the length of time they have been together matters. If it’s only a few months, I think you could get away with it because they aren’t long term, but if they’ve been together for years and she gets invited to family events, your fiancé’s family might look down on you for not inviting her. It may be the better choice to just invite her, and the only thing you have to say to her all night is “thank you for coming”.

Depends on the seriousness of their relationship.If they live together or are engaged,it’s rude to not invite her.If this is the case,then suck it up and invite her – you only need to say “Thanks for coming,I hope you’re having a good time” and leave it at that.If they aren’t engaged/living together than you can always set a limit on what you class as a serious relationship.Personally,at my wedding,any guest not covered by the ‘social unit’ aspect of invite etiquette will not get a plus 1 unless they have been together 1+ years.Really,it does depend if you are inviting all your other guests with a plus 1 – if you are,then yes it would be rude.Err on the side of caution and invite her.She may well turn the invite down and even if she does attend you will be too busy to notice her

If you invite other gf and bfs, then yes, you should invite her too. It is rude to the cousin not to. Only exception is if she has a history of doing crazy things and is likely to disrupt the wedding. But simply disliking her is not enough.

You have to invite a couple together. You can’t exclude someone’s partner.

Not only is it horribly rude to exclude her, but it’d cause a ton of drama. Being the bigger person and inviting her with a smile on your face is the gracious thing to do. Excluding her will just start a fight and make you look like a brat. Especially since this is not your family.

It’s not like you need to spend all day with her. You’ll be lucky to spend five minutes with the people you actually LIKE. Say a quick, “Hi, thanks for coming!” and move on to someone else.

Edit: and if you invite someone with “And Guest,” you are not allowed to say, “But XYZ cannot be the guest.”

If the cousin and his girlfriend are a well-established couple, you could only really exclude her in the event of *major* misconduct. Not liking his girlfriend is not a sufficient reason to be rude and ungracious to a member of your husband-to-be’s family.

Yes, it would be rude. Most unmarried guests are usually invited to bring s guest, so they have someone to dance with, to socialize with, etc, etc, etc, you cannot chose who is an acceptable person for cousin to ask as his date.

If you allow guests when people rsvp then that could be the cousins guests. It’s your day! You can do whatever you like. Just make sure to let them know that she can’t be the guest.

Ask your fiance!!

up to you

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