Would you consider me to be spoiled if my dad offers to buy me a $60,000 car?

Basically, I’ve received a scholarship worth ~$200,000 to go to college. My parents were going to pay for my entire education and had well over that amount saved up. I’m now going for free. I’m not going to need a cent of their money because I worked three summers during high school and have enough…

Well earlier, you didn’t say your dad offered.
Still, yes I would.

That would be a really nice car and all, but a more reasonable choice would to pick a lesser, yet still nice, car. For one, this will be your first car and it being so expensive, insurance will be sky-high. Secondly, you are young, which also determines that your insurance will be expensive. I don’t think that it’s rational to have your parents pay sky-high insurance for a vanity object that has a high chance of getting damaged (not because you are a bad driver per-say, but because on the whole, most people out there are pretty inattentive drivers; not to mention there are car thieves and punks who like to scratch nice cars).

That being said, you could get a pretty nice car for around 10,000-30,000 dollars, depending on how finicky you are about the car being new or used. You could get a couple years old Mercedes used and in great condition for a much lower price that what is shown on those websites.

Finally, congratulations on that scholarship; that’s pretty bad-***!

If it’s your very first car, then yes. Because it teaches you nothing about being responsible and earning it on your own.

If you actually have worked hard in school and at jobs, and truly appreciate everything your parents have done, then I guess it’s not considered being “spoiled”, maybe your very fortunate. But don’t take your parents for granted. Karma’s a B.

Use that money to buy a nice place later on. You’ll most likely get the car in an accident or two, and insurance is SO expensive. People will think you’re spoiled and judge you automatically, too.

sure i could evaluate that spoiled pondering the common baby somewhat gets sufficient to circulate to varsity in the 1st place, despite in the event that they have been given an entire experience they could have had sufficient to purchase this style of great vehicle. yet seeing as your dad and you the two artwork for a residing, nah. Now on the subject rely of which vehicle, why no longer get a bmw m3 coupe?

yeah you’re spoiled. most college students out there are struggling to make ends meet, while getting an education and being buried alive in student debt. and you’re getting a car that could pay for two years at a private college? yeah spoiled.

i think all the cars are gorgeous, but i love the second car the best 🙂 i would like a car like that in red, but i don’t have the money :/ anyways, in order of the cars, it goes like this: 2, 3 and 1 [from the order, I like the best]. anyways, i think you’re really lucky (: and no, i wouldn’t call you spoil, you worked hard for your scholarship and you deserve it! congrats xoxo

Buy a dependable $10k car, take $50k buy some investments instead (Ford stocks, Google, etc. depends on your major). Then when you make some profits (hopefully another $50k) buy him back his favorite car. Now you both get to enjoy 🙂

Congrats to your hard work. You deserve it!

I’ve always been a Mercedes-Benz lover. Somewhat spoiled but no so spoilish because some dads like to spoil their girls!

I only consider someone spoiled if they get a lot of things and aren’t grateful for it or they keep wanting more.

If you are thankful for what you have I wouldn’t consider you spoiled. Yes you get more than others, but as long as you don’t constantly brag about it or keep asking for more then nah you aren’t spoiled. (IMO)

I would get a cheaper used car, so that you have more money to afford a nicer place.

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