Why my girl feels disgussed from sex?

We used to have very nice times together but since a year and a half we did not have sex, she does not have sex drive and since couple of months she started telling me that she doesn’t wanna have sex ever in her life and that its disgusting

BIRTH CONTROL can do this! Is she on Yasmin? This is an especially bad one. Any BC with high levels of progestin can lower sex drive and even make them feel sex is disgusting. She needs to switch BC’s, to one with a high level of estrogem Like NuvaRing (i am on it and love it) or the OrthoEvra patch.

find out what made her feel that way!!! Try talking 2 her about, but if she still says that same excuse, maybe she is screwing someone else and don’t know how 2 tell u she found someone. maybe not, I’m just saying, but that should make u feel a little uncomfortable 4 her 2 tell you that. it’s not all about her wishes and what she wants you are in the relationship too, and if nothing changes and u feel uncomfortable move on there is nothing there to hold on 2. u may want 2 have kids one day

Wow! Thats a big issue to handle; especially since most men need their sex.

I would suggest to do something different to spice things up for; I don’t know how your sexual experience has been with your significant other, but it sounds like she was not enjoying herself; perhaps you should concentrate on pleasing her any way possible before you decide to satisfy yourself. Offer to do something for her; like dressing up or using toys, or watching porn together(if that is what you think she wouldn’t mind doing)…..something different that she would like, inorder to spice things up for her.

And then agian, maybe she is seeing another person and wants to push you away, and her telling you that is her way of trying to rid of you.

But definitely talk to her, and see exactly why she feels this way.

If you can love her, even though she doesn’t want it, stay with her. But if sex is that big of a deal to you, maybe you guys should talk about seeing other people.

Time to move on…

If she is like that, then you ain’t getting any ever again… Not worth the time and trouble to carry on with the relationship…

she might feel that u were 2 hard or 2 easy just talk 2 her about it

you should be gental with her and if you cant wait until she is ready then you need to move on maybe she has insucurities about her self

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