Why is my guy friend ignoring me? (I’ll answer yours)?

One of my best guy friends of mine acted clearly interested in me, so says people, and he has remarked how really grateful he is for me. He also made known to everyone the importance of him and I meeting aloud in public. He also naturally gravitated to me a couple times towards the end of the school year. He has…

Either he is trying to make you chase him, or another girl got his attention for a while so he wasn’t thinking about you. Also it is possible he was really busy and didn’t get back to his messages. I know some flaky people who I have no romantic interest in nor do they in me who are really flaky about responding to my texts.

I this guy is close, you need to get him alone and ask him face to face. Explain that he is sending mixed messages and you are wonder where you stand. If he is your friend you should be comfortable communicating and even more if there is dating potential then it is vital to communicate. He could 1) have met another girl, 2) gotten worried that it might mess up your friendship 3) realized he was getting to close and doesn’t want a relationship 4) decided that he needed to take some time and think it over to figure out what he wants, but in any of these cases the only way to know for sure and for him to know that he is confusing you is to talk to him, face to face, alone somewhere.

I would say that yes he is interested in you and doesn’t know how to handle it and doesn’t want to ruin your friendship my advice is to think about it and what your feelings are.fir him and if you are interested in more from him talk to him about it be honest and open if your not intwrsted in him like that trying telling him how much your frienship means to you but make it clear that all you feel is friendship is all you feel guy friends are the best as long as you are honest and upfront with them also a good friend is the best place to find a good relationship

Maybe he’s also seeing someone else. You need to ask hi out and see if he has a girlfriend. Make a move quickly.

some guy probably told him he was trying to harad and looking desperate. guys also think that they need to take breaks so they dont annoy the girl 😛 he’ll come around, he seem to be interested. dont sweat it 🙂

Well how so I put this a nice way… Guys are like dogs, they like to roam, but they always come back to the bone (not that you are one c:) that they safely buried in the back yard. He probably got over occupied with other stuff and lost time to txt, or maybe he thought you knew that he liked you and got embarrassed about it. One way or another, I do think he likes you c; good luck
Mine please c:

i just asked the same q and was wondering but if i was this guy i would for a number of reasons because maby im a FREAKING JERK another one is he found a girl just ask yolo thanks

He wants your v

because he is a humanitarian

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