Why does Yahoo allow muslims to censor those who oppose the evils of islam?

I have seen a pattern of questions and answers critical of islam being censored here. Freedom of speech is a founding principal of the culture that allows yahoo to exist, and freedom of speech is not allowed under islamic rule, where allegedly insulting islam is punished by censorship and often death.
Why does…

I believe our freedom of speech is being taken away from us a little bit every day. You can not say how you feel about things that are happening in your live and or country with out someone telling you that you can’t say that it will go against someone’s rights. What about my right to stand up from my country and my family? I have rights too.

Just my feeling on this matter!

While Yahoo is certainly a liberal enterprise, I really believe that it is more about the fact that the Muslims on YA complain much more. They prefer to make a statement (not usually a question) and then to remain unopposed. YA is supposed to be policed by it’s members and it takes 2 complaints on a question or answer in order to bring it the the attention of the YA staff. Therefore, if omar and yaqub (names I made up-not necessarily real people) both complain then the question or answer may be removed even though there may be much worse things said the other way around. The only way to fight this is through more complaints in retaliation which I wouldn’t really want to see. After all, westerners (the tarets of most of these attacks) believe in freedom and we wouldn’t want to silence these goofs…much more fun to make fools of them. Besides, the more someone complains…the less YA listens. Which is bad news for those with such thin skin as many of the more outspoken Muslim extremists on YA have.

I agree with (smoothsophie) the islam not that violent (there is some red lines the muslim can not cross it) – it long story -… but what you see and read about it is the ugly face of radical … most of them are friendly (i mean the normal muslim) the problem is with the (waha-ab) they are the newest part (confession) in islam religion (2 or 3 hundreds years ago) and they kill any one dis-agree with them, I think because they are Bedouins and very very close-minded but the problem they have the money (oil) and that make them take control on the media.

Moslems censore their own women, wont let them vote and give them the status of second class citizens in their own countries. Moslem women are just slaves to moslem (sic) men and have no say anywhere except in the kitchen, from there it is all down hill.
But in the the UK for every Christian church that is closed down ten mosques are being built, we have moslems in our government, civil services, police force, army everywhere,
and the moslems here get away with murder, literally, they create hatred within our communities with their lies and turn us against one another, islam must be stopped otherwise our children will be slaves to these calouse, pathetic people.
Mohommed had seven wives the youngest of which was 6 years old, so we must ask ourselves what type of god would choose a paedophile to carry his message and what kind of people would follow the ravings of this paedophile (sic)prophet.
Islam is evil and must be stopped and the only way to do that is to get them out of our respective countries send them back to their own land where they can eat sand and drink their oil.
May Jesus forgive allah for these atrosities against mankind.

I am thinking it is not Y!A or Yahoo, a company as a whole or in general…I think it is the ones controlling/programming the Y!A forum that are censoring what is said and not said, whom they wish to support and not support…which posters are allowed or deleted…it’s kind of like playing “ruler of the kingdom”….they are probably muslims themselves, hence, they have the capability to censor those who oppose the evils of islam, jihadists, al Quaida, taliban…suicide bombers and the rest of their mission to destroy our country.

I am not saying that I am thinking that ALL programmers of YA are muslims, but the few that are, IF ANY, are the ones who will censor those who oppose the evils.

It is very distressing to see them (muslims) tear our people apart by trying to divide our country that way…to force their way of life, (religion) and thinking in this forum.

That’s just my opinion…freedom of speech allows me to say.

People instead of insulting one another how about we find solutions to a better world. Just a thought you know no use of whining on the internet

Because liberals like those who run yahoo are suicidal enemies of the freedom that allows yahoo to exist.
They must wake up and smell the jihad.

Yes, I’ve been on Yahoo almost a year, and got my first violation recently. Guess who reported me?
Yep, a Muslim.
I have never in my life said a mean-spirited thing on Yahoo, and I still can’t figure out why I was reported.
Puts me on the defensive with Muslims now.

If you’re liberal, this is where you bend for other liberals. They might not admit or agree to this but the apperance stands out to the fact.
But then we all could be wrong.

Are they intelligent and sincere questions or answers about Islam that are being removed? Or is it just the bigoted hate-speech that you’re talking about. There are civilized and uncivilized ways to disagree.

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