Why do People assume North Africa was originally black?

People assume the inhabitants of the region were originally black and over time intermixed with other groups such as Greeks or Arabs. While the Islamic invasion to North Africa came roughly about 1400 years ago; later in history many of the Islamic Arabs intermixed with the population; however the original…

There is some truth to this. People look at the man made lines on a map today and assume that all people over a certain line are currently, and have always been black or white. The Sahara was a great divider between North Africa and the rest of Africa. The ancient people of north Africa would have looked Mediterranean, like the Greeks, and not so much like sub equatorial black Africans. This has to do with how the staple crops of each culture developed and where they could thrive. Just look to ancient Egyptian art. The Nubians are clearly depicted as black Africans, much different looking than how the Egyptians portrayed themselves. Just because a people were from what we today call the contenant of Africa, doesn’t mean they were only black. The ancient Cartheginians and Egyptians are examples of this.

Oh, mother of Isis where do I begin!

You cannot place the “modern” concept of race on the Ancient Egyptians, they had a completly differant view on this. You also need to understand that Egypt was a major trade destination during its golden age, it was to the ancient world what India was to the 1960’s.

As far as what “race” the Pharaoh’s were . . . they were not lilly white with blonde hair, thats for sure!

Look at Ramses II, he was tall, redish brown hair with blue eys, yet the man still carried strong african features . . . what does that say to you? He was a Martini (a mix) and a HOT one at that!

I find your comments offensive and down right childish! Do some actual research on this.

This has been an ongoing dispute, and will never end. There was a time when many ppl thought Africa was all jungle & uncivilized. But now with all the Egyptian discoveries it now appears that only HALF of Africa is uncivilized & N. Africa is caucasian. (sarcasm)

This doesn’t surprise me. This is yet another attempt to discredit black africans from their rich culture & history. Black ppl should not expect for the supreme, almighty, all knowing white person (generally speaking) to tell us po black folks the real truth of our history…why?

B/c that would no longer make them the supreme, almighty, all knowing white folks. I don’t understand how the original race was caucasoid when caucasians are only 6,OOO yrs old.

Interesting how you managed to make the location of the equator into a conspiracy theory and a reason to be a giant racist. That was probably one of the dumbest arguments I’ve ever read. Are you actually studying this? I’d like to know which college hands out degrees to people they’ve educated to go out into the world and spew racism.

Oh yeah, and “*******”? Really? You’re really making yourself sound less and less educated throughout your entire argument.

Because that’s JUST the was it originally was: the first civilization ever were the Sumerians (literally “black headed people”) who lived in Northern Mesopotamia (Modern Irak) some 5000 years ago. According to Sumerian records, the first human beings (meant as homo sapiens) had not only black hair, but dark (actually more like clay colored) skin too. Those are the ones who moved to Egypt and to the rest of the African Continent, and settled in a land called the AB.ZU. From them, EVERY human being descended. Fair skin, instead, always according to Sumerians, derived from the first woman of the homo sapiens species, who had fair skin and sand-colored hair; keep in mind that Albinos did exist at that time too: Noah, in facts, is the first Albino ever known as the Book of Enoch as well as Sumerians report;) So, in short, it does not really matter how different colors mixed with each other at a later stage: the first human beings were black because black was the cradle of civilization.

Why should I care about this? I’m a sexy azz, gorgeous, intelligent ambitious ******* chick with a wonderful life, fabulous husband, beautiful daughter, money in the bank and more coming.

So, again, what’s your point? This is totally unimportant on any scale. How about talking about something that actually matters. I doubt anyone really cares (Even Italians) about this disinformation.

Good day.

Please read the accounts of Herodotus’s observations of Egyptians which were clearly recorded as Black. All the people along the coast are lighter obviously, but there is no proof whatsoever that it is slavery that brought swarthy looking people to north Africa. Islam itself is considerably younger than Christianity.

Unless of course, just whiteness plainly has some emotional value to attached to you personally.

Modern Egyptians are the descendants of Ancient Egyptians.

Someone has been lying to you because i’m from Africa and origanally all of Africa was black exept for maybe Egypt if thats what you driving at. And I have no idea why you asking this question, and why i’m answering

Great. I already received my college degree and no racist is going to dictate to me. All you ever do is spew racist rhetoric and you’re hated.

No one cares about your slighted, ranting, bigoted bias bogus report.

I hate racists so much. I truly despise and hate them.

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