Why are street motorcycles multi-cylinder while dirt bikes are singles?

Is it just to control vibration? If it’s to spread out the power stroke around the crank, why isn’t that good for dirt bikes too?

one-lunger engines have an insane amount of low end torque..perfect for off roading. Twins have slightly less low end, but more high end. The weight ratio comes into play, as well as width, balance, heat dispersion.

Dirt bikes have a 2 or 4 stroke single cylinder eng because for one they are vary lite compared to a street bike eng, and produce more then enough power and made to jump. Dirt = no traction…. If you had the weight of a street bike eng on a dirt bike you would be a crash test dummy.

Not all street bikes are multi cylinder. 2 of my 3 bikes are single cylinder, but my 900 does vibrate less (inline 4).

Street bikes can afford to be heavier than dirt bikes, so 2 and 4 cylinders are common.

Multi cylinder motorcycle engines are heavier. Not what you want in a dirt bike.

Multi cylinder engines are also wider. Also, not desirable in a dirt bike.

But multi cylinder engins run smoother, not a big deal on a dirt bike, but is a big deal on a street bike.

dirt bikes are required to move fast and should be light to handle therefor they have single cylinder and street bikes are meant for fast movement on the road and must be heavy to cut through wind and should have more power

You do realize that KTM and especcialy Aprilia make twin cylinder purpose built dirtbikes right? They’re more expensive and quite rare though. But they sure do rip compared to their single cylinder competitors.

dirtbikes are single cylender for wieght, so there is less to go wrong with it, and more torque, you need more torque on a dirtbike than you do high end power like that in a streetbike, and if you want that high end power you can just get a two-stroke

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dirt bikes are used off road. they need to be lighter and easier to handle.

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