Why are 16 year old having babies?

I always hear on this website and even on the news that a 16 year old had a baby. I’ve been seeing it so much that it’s led me to believe that I have to have one when I turn 16 too (I’m a guy btw). I feel that if I don’t have a baby at 16, I’ll be left behind the rest of the people my age. Would…

All because of the shows 16 and pregnant and teen mom whom glorify being a teen parent. I had my first at 18, was graduated from highschool at 17 tho bit it was still hard as hell. At now 22 I’m a mom to a 4 year old and 3 month old. Been married for 3 years and a college graduate as well as an Orthodontic Assistant and Army wife… Seriously WRAP IT BEFORE YOU TAP IT, NO GLOVE NO LOVE, DON’T BE A DUMMY C U M ON HER TUMMY!! being broke constantly (even with myself and husband having careers were broke) sucks a lot! Wait full your married, have an education, are mentally and financialy mature and ready!

Here’s a better question: why do teens think it’s no big deal to have a baby?! I mean they must not think it’s a big deal since so many of them are having unprotected sex and getting pregnant. It’s a new little person that depends solely on it’s parents. Teenagers are too young to deal with the responsibility of becoming a parent. I had my first at 23 years old and let me tell you, it is NOT at all easy. I have a new appreciation for my parents. I would hate to see a teenager miss out on their childhood because, they got knocked up. They want to eat every 2 1/2 to 3 hours sometimes they will nurse for five hours straight. My daughter pooped after every feeding and between feedings. She screamed and cried for hours at a time from acid reflux. Spit up and threw up all over me and her father. Projectile pooped all over my arm and legs. You don’t have time to shower or to eat or to use the bathroom! My advice to you is to wear a condom Everytime! Now, being a parent isn’t so bad, when you are willing to sacrifice and deal with all the poop.

Most 16 year old DO NOT have kids. (Im 16) And I don’t know anyone that is pregnant. I think I saw a couple 17 year olds, but not 16 year olds.

You have kids while your a kid, your future is ruined. K?!
No clubbing or parties with friends.
No school completion celebrations.
No fun at all.
Have to spend ur life working your butt off to pay for food and a hoouse and all that stuff so your partner can live somewhere who is caring for this kid, and you will have no fun at all.
YOU WILL NOT BE LEFT OUT. You will be normal, not having a kid at 16. Wait until you are like 20 to have a kid. when IT’S NORMAL-ish TO HAVE A KID!

Well you must be either really stupid or really young if you think that. People on this website either think it’s fun to pretend to be heroic teen parents breaking the stereotype (and really don’t have a child) or actually do and are by far the minority, and have made a massive mistake.

Not even close. 16 year olds that have children have no self-control. Having a child at 16 is still frowned upon and is still somewhat rare to see, even though it has been happening more You are not going to get one hint of crap from anyone.

Because they are having sex, In retrospect, sixteen year olds have been having kids forever. Our societal standards have made it a negative thing. (Not that it’s a bad thing, sixteen year olds are not prepared to be parents at that age like sixteen year olds of yesteryear were.)

no its already to late for you guys cant have babies after after age 11. You might want to try adoption, perhaps you can pick one up at walmart.

They don’t think to be honset and stupid. They should of not be having sex in the first place.

Mtv or the foods people eat are on average injected with hormoines and when a child eats them early in there life there body works faster and hormones set in sooner.

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