Whats wrong with my car? Gearbox?? Clutch?? 10 points up for grabs?

Hi i set off in my car today and it went crunch, it wouldnt move and when I brought my clutch up it just stalled. The gearstick was very hard to get out gear but when I did get it into neutral I put it in reverse it clunked again and now feels normal and smooth again although there is no power getting to the…

Gearbox first motion shaft or layshaft has sheared by the sound of things.

Clutch failure on its own is unlikely to cause the symptoms you describe with the gear lever, and reverse gear has no effect on direction of rotation of the clutch.

to state the car stalled when you let the clutch up would suggest the clutch is working fine and the crunch and stiff gear stick state that there are broken or loose cogs inside the gearbox as for now being smooth but not moving again once the damage inside the gear box has broken up the rest of it can turn smoothly but without function or traction but another possibility could be a broken drive-shaft/prop shaft or differential. and depending what type of car it is highly likely if the gearbox that the cheaper option will be to replace the gearbox rather than repair as they are very complicated and expensive to repair 90% of the internal workings

This is very likely to be clutch problems like the others have mentioned but if this is a front wheel drive vehicle it might be worth your time to look at the drive axles around the c-v joint area. A c-v joint can bind right before breaking. This would be something easy to check out. Have someone in the car to put the transmission in gear and let out on the clutch while someone else watched the drive axles. If you have a broken c-v joint you should be able to see part of the axle moving.

seems to me that ur release bearing has collapsed , when the car was running before it broke was there a noise that was there when the engine was running then stopped when you put ur foot on the clutch ,if so its ur bearing if not then ur clutch has gone either way i’d replace the whole thing anyway as one thing won’t work without the other the bearing allows the clutch to bite whist the engine is turning so if this is worn out the rest can’t be far behind , hope this helps ,and get many a quote b4 getting it done , its a buyers market with the credit crunch lol

You need a complete new clutch. maybe you keep your foot on the clutch when waiting in traffic. This causes rapid wear on the clutch thrust bearing, and you begin to lose the contact with the clutch pressure plate.In this instance, it sounds that either the thrust beaaring has collapsed , or the clutch pressure plate has gone.

From the sounds of it the clutch has worn out and needs replacing. If you try to accelerate and the revs climb but you seem to take a while to get up to speed then it is the clutch.

Hope this helps

could be a number of problems but the way ya explained, Sounds like to me that you need a new clutch tha plates may have gone if you would have let us know the make and model i could have got you a link where ya can get a replacement, but your gear box may be low on oil or you have a leaky gearbox seal wich may have aloud oil to drip on to the cluch causing it to slip there for the cluch wont fully release.

Clutch is gone my friend.

possible> need replacement gearbox maybe from scrap yard?

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