What zodiac signs do you attract the most?

Have you noticed which zodiac signs are attracted to you the most, what’s your sign? How do you feel about them?

The signs that I attract are usually Sag, Aries and Scorpio as well as gemini and aquarius. I find other fire signs to be very pushy and aggressive with me and I’m a laid back person, so that’s a turn off. I guess fellow fire signs confuse my friendliness for weakness and want to take control of me. I think that’s what attracts them, then when I don’t give them the time of day, they get the message. It takes a while but they eventually do…

The zodiac signs that attract me the most would be LIBRA, of both sexes. I’m a Pisces sun. I have Venus sitting in my first house conjuncting my ascendant and moon. I also have Libra in my descendant. Maybe this should explain the attraction. What is weird is, most of them were born in the last week of September and the first week of October.

Aquarius (both genders, especially first decan, Uranus ruled Aquarius are magnetically drawn to me)

are the signs that I attract the most. I think.

I’m attracted back to most Aquarius of both gender, some Capricorn or some Scorpios. Geminis are fine too.

I seem to attract Aries (love em, currently dating one <3 my boo) Taurus, Aquarius, and ugh Libra….. My last bf was a Libra and our relationship didn’t go so well. He was too into himself than being into our relationship (obsessed with his self image, like checking his hair in the mirror for like an hour lol, thinking he was the “most awesome person alive”) everything was always him, him, him but, he did have a VERY good sense of humor, and I loved that about him. I don’t think all Libras are like that as I’ve met some really cool Libras, but I think me and him were better off as friends… too many differences haha 🙂

Scorpio I don’t even know why. I’ve had Scorpio relationships and friendships and I don’t why I pull them in so much but they just come in my life out of no where and it’s usually at my weakest points. I’ve had a love-hate relationship with Scorpios in general. Also I tend to attract a lot of Capricorns maybe it’s because I tend to have the same nature as them because I have a lot of Capricorn in my chart. I like Capricorns because they’re shy and reserved and they usually understand how I am and accept me. Aries tend to be really attracted to me too but I find myself not getting along with them because our personalities tend to clash a lot.

I attract earth and water signs the most, mainly Virgo, Taurus, Scorpio, and Cancer.
It makes a lot of sense though because of what my sign is.

I seem to attract Scorpio, Leo, Sagittarius, Libra, Pisces, Gemini, Taurus, Aries, and Aquarius, but especially Scorpio.
I’m attracted to Scorpio more than to any other signs. It’s good because there’s a mutual attraction between us. I like all the signs that I listed and I get along with most them. I’ve dated Sagittarius and Gemini before, but I wouldn’t again. I’ve dated Scorpio as well, and it was amazing! I’ve had something going on with Leo, Taurus and Aries before, but nothing serious. Aries broke my heart, and I’m not quite attracted to their personality for some reason. Never dated Libra, Aquarius, Pisces nor Taurus, but I do admire them, especially Libra and Aquarius.
Scorpio guys somehow manage to win me over and I love their personality, especially their faults- that’s what seem to attract me to them. What attracts them to me? I don’t know.. but a lot of them seem to be obsessed with me.

Yes, I’ve noticed I mainly attract Libras (I’m a Libra too so that’s no surprise), Aries(my opposite sign) and Leos.
Of all those, I love love love Libras (more like a love-hate relationship with them, because I understand their every reaction, each and every thought but I hate that we have the same bad traits, like indecisiviness and a flirty nature…)
Aries are nice to have as friends, they’re extremely funny but I don’t like them as partners, they’re too rough. However, I’m also attracted to them.
Leos are so fun to be around, but sometimes they can be so egotistical that I want to throw myself out the window haha.

Leo’s- I feel safe & open with them, Scorpios- They turn me into Mr. Emotional for some reason lol I guess that’s the cause of the attraction, Geminis- it’s like a reflection of me and I can express anything to them, Libras- always comes to me to relax my nervous nature and I feel very thankful for it that’s why like them but out of all Leo’s are the ones always surrounding me that’s why they are first. It’s kinda magnectic with them.

I&#x27;m a Gemini and I keep attracting Taurus men!! Ugh! WHY?

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