What will happen when gas prices reach $5!?

Once gas prices reach $5 i think people will start to take action…like riot or something. Its just so ridiculous because $5 a F*cking gallon is way to dam much!
To fill 20 gallons will be $100 !! LIKE WTH!? so unnecessary.
What do you guys think is gunna happen because i know there will be a point where its…

once it reaches 5, you pay if you want to drive. You can always walk as the other option

Calm down. There is a world price for crude oil. It is based upon the amount of oil produced each day, the amount of oil refined into gasoline and other products, and speculators who gamble on those amounts.

There is no point at all in your getting upset over something that the U.S. government can do nothing about.

Just keep buying Canada’s dirty oil, and if you can’t afford to fuel your vehicle, start taking the bus.

I think when it hits like $3 going on $4 people will start to revolt and find other means of transport shutting down the oil companies
I think the world will plumit into poverty and basicly destroy itself

any way it sucks :/ but that’s just a personal opinion 😛

it already is $5 a gallon in some places.
people will kvetch and storm around in a snit but nothing else will happen.
there is nothing that can be done. get used to it. high gas prices will be the norm for the foreseeable future.

What’s the matter with you? I know – YOU’RE A RACIST! I know you are because you don’t appreciate what The Chosen One is doing for you! Read the article below you foul dog!

$1.79 National Average
When Obama took office

Just sayin’….

Everything else goes up in cost and eventually, pay catches up.

People will take public transportation.

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