What was the worst fashion disaster from your youth?

Two spring to mind for me…

1- flowery short summer dress, black tights, HUGE grey holey jumper, purple doc martins!

2- Black tights, black long sleeve hi-neck bodysuit (remember them!!) with denim shorts over the top

#hangs head in shame#

I remember wearing sweatbands in the most inappropriate places…

I think no matter how hard the female fashion industry tries to create the worst fashion disaster – nothing will ever come close to the fashion disasters of the male fashion industry. Winning 1st Place we have the SPEEDO or more commonly known in Australia as the budgie smuggler. In 2nd place the middle class home boys that you spot emerging from their parents chrysler wearing name brand jumpers 4 sizes larger than required and their pants down to their ankles with overpriced, ill fitting shoes. In complete contrast to that we have in 3rd place the left overs, yer you know them you’ve seen around thinking they still look good in their unbottoned flannette checked shirts revealing a blue or white singlet covering a pot belly and tucked into tight footy shorts sporting a fab mullet hair do and footy socks showing from their old school joggers or if they have had to duck down to the deli in a hurry they simply forget the joggers and slip on the thongs over the footy socks….;-)

I will never for get it. It was the last day of 6th grade and our school had awards day and the class was to dress in their Sunday best. I didn’t know due to I didn’t go to the dance. I wore a red coke a cola t-shirt and lime green shorts to my knees and tennis shoes. I was the only one in class in gym clothes.

When I walked in and saw everyone dressed up I was like what’s going on? When I found out I was like oh well I wont get an award so I never called home to mom to bring me a dress.

Later in the lunch room while the awards were giving out I hear my name being called and guess what? I had to walk up in front of the whole school dressed like that. It was so embarrassing. I will never forget that red coke a cola shirt. The year was 1987. See I told you I would never forget it . 🙂

Spandex black exersize pants witha blue stripe down the side, get this-3″ black heals, and a disney tshirt. At least I was a size 3. I wore this outfit all the time, OMG LOL :}

You aren’t going to use this for blackmail purposes are you?? 🙂 Wow…we had SO many.horrible disasters!! We had the backwards clothing. The “Hammer” pants whose crotch hung down to your knees. Also the lovely two pairs of socks that were the shove down kind and neon colored. You had to make sure your pants were tight rolled however, to get the full effect of the double neon shove down socks. I think those were just a couple of things…ouch, that was a painful reminder of how dorky I was!! 🙂 haha

I will have to say all the hot pink and other neon colored clothes. Ummm…yeah also the neon and hot pink make-up. And that stupid ponytail on the SIDE rather than the BACK of my head where it actually belongs. Oh oh I almost forgot my jelly shoes!! Actually…wait…I kinda liked those…

Edit: I’m not even going to pretend that I’m not more than a little curious about where Demetrius Bianchi put those sweat bands.

I think I can sum it up by saying that I was in my 20’s during the 1980s. Now there is a fashion era that I hope never ever repeats. Worst was a super cheesy disco dress with 3″, I kid you not, 3″ shoulder pads.

Paisley-patterned shirt with a scruffy old heavy metal band T-shirt. Tight jeans with big rips on the knees & backside, and a right scabby old pair of basketball trainers.

I hated the striped pants of the 70’s. They were usually predominantly brown with other colours but vertical stripes all the way down in all different colours.

Six inch platform shoes and 40in wide bell bottom trousers and a big frizzy perm, jeez I thought I looked the bees knees lol.

Acid wash jeans and the big 80’s hair!
I have to hide my senior picture from HS.

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