What is your Favourite ?…?

Film / Movie,
Actor, actress,
Singer / Group / Band,

Color: Red and Yellow
Animal: Lion
Number: GoogolPlex; biggest number
Food: Sandwich
Movie: The Bucket List; teaches us about life
Actor: Tom Hanks; a fine actor, and Loves of environment
Actress: Angelina Jolie; full of talent, and heart
Band: U2; a great band, and saving people
Song: The Impossible Dream; very inspirational
Website: YAHOO!; hence Y!A
TV show: FRIENDS; teaches us about friends
Admire: Leonardo Da vinci, Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, Pablo Picasso
Day: Monday; beginning of school
Drink: Tea; healthy and fresh
Time: 6:00 AM; just like it
Car: Lamborghini; cool name, and nice
Artist: Pablo Picasso; just like him
Scientist: Einstein; he’s awesome
Sport: Ping Pong; very fun
Subject: Math; challenges my mind
City: Paris; beautiful
Relaxation: Sleeping
Character: Don Quixote
Studio: 20 Century Fox
Language: English; very easy
Sound: Women laughing; lovely
Flower: Poppy and Sun flower; hence red and yellow
Hair: Long
Name: Alexandra/Alexander
Country: England; peaceful
Painting: Mona Lisa; unique
Sculpture: The Thinker; very intelligence
Planet: Earth; where loves exist
Store: Wal-Mart; have everything
Fast Food: None
Organ: Brain; where everything happens
Opera: Pavarotti; very powerful
Writer: Diablo Cody
Dance: Ballroom; takes two to creat one(teamwork)
Talk show host: Jay Leno; very laid back
Sitting Position: Crossed leg; very relaxing
Notebook: Legal Pad
Gun: Magnum
Bomb: Nuclear
Feeling: Happiness
Gender: Female
Cereal: Coco Puffs
Dog: Husky
State: NY
Ocean: Pacific; largest
Island: Hawaii; can’t think of any
Sex Position: Doggy Style
Repper: The Game
Ice Cream: Strawberry Sundae
Orator: Adolph Hitler
Quote: “live your life as if today is your last day.”
Saying: Call somebody who care.
Game: Command and Conquer
War: WWI
Fruit: Durian; very delicious
Letter: L, stand for Love
Category: Philosophy
National Park: Grand Canyon
Holiday: New Year; New Beginning
Musical: Phantom of the opera
Type of Art: Surrealism
Sci-Fi: Terminator 2
Comedy: Jackass
Reality Show: Made
Romance: Titanic
Drama: The Bucket List
Action: The Scorpion king
Adventure: Castaway
Book: Flower for Algernon; an opportunity
Weapon: Sword
Fish: Tuna; delicious
Pie: Blue Berry; Delicious
Cake: Any
Cookies: Chocolate Chip
Salad: Raw Shrimp salad
Year: 2008; I’ve made a change
Singer: Johnny Cash
Commercial: Honda; The Impossible Dream
Sharks: Great White
Whale: Sperm Whale
Mamal: Human
Smell: Pie
Taste: Sweet, any
Body: Skinny
Cloth: Suit/Dress
Genre: Comedy
Breakfast: Omlet
Lunch: Sandwich
Dinner: Steak
Power: Electricity
Ancient: Greece
Wall: The Great Wall
River: Colorado
Mountain: Mt. Everest
Divine: God
Tea: Lipton
Paint: Oil
Instant Messanger: AIM
Villian: The Joker
Superhero: Batman
President: George W. Bush
Continent: Europe
Secret Agent: Spy
Doctor: Neurotologist
Degree: PHD
University: Yale
Element: Gold
Biker: Dave Mirra
Dad: Phil Magera
Wrestler: Kane
Voice Over Artist: Don LaFontaine
Cartoon: Ed, Edd, Eddy
Chef: Mario Batali
Vegetable: all
Calculator: TI
Light: UV
Star: Sun
Math: Algebra
Teen Movie: JUNO
Beautiful Actress: Jessica Biel
Bad Girl: Brittany Spear
Game Site: POGO
Religion: Islam
God Messenger: Muhammad
Candy: All
Dessert: All
Desert: Sahara
Word: ****
Galaxy: Milky Way
Candy Bar: Snicker
Show: None
Paradise: Heaven
Body Of Water: Waterfall
Type of natural falling: Snow
Connection: Cuddling
Expression: Smiles

I’m sorry that I’ve wrote too long. however, it was quite fun!!!

Favorite guitar solo: the last solo in November Rain by Guns n’ Roses. 5 Favorite guitarists in order: 1.Hendrix 2. Clapton 3. Slash 4. Van Halen 5. Steve Vai Favorite Intro: Sweet Child o’ Mine intro

Light blue,
Titanic, Notting Hill,
Mel Gibson,
Meg Ryan,
Elvis, Rod Stewart, The Beatles,
Sailing, Jailhouse Rock, Yesterday.

Bright Neon Colors
The Notebook
Will Smith/Rachel McAdams
Britney Spears
Someday I Will Understand

1. Coral
2. Cat
3. 1
4. Hot fudge sundae from McDonald’s
5. The Wizard of Oz
6. Reece Witherspoon
7. My Chemical Romance
8. Mother (Danzig)

Color: Red
Animal: Dog
Number: 3
Food: Buritto Bol from Chipotle
Movie: Gladiator
Actor: Hugh Laurie Actress: Diane Lane
Band: The Fratellis
Song: Tie between “Flathead” by the Fratellis and “Watch Me Fall Apart” by Hard-Fi

Fried rice
The Godfather
Tom Hanks & Nicole Kidman
The Beatles
Hey Jude…

Black and white
i love drinks then food and in drink i only like fresh orange juice
city of the angles
meg rayn,nicolas cage,jennifer lopez
Kishore Kumar ( indian singer)
old songs love based

I watch or read everything…I love finding out new stuff.

While it’s true that some t.v. programs are better at informing and portraying than literature, literature in themselves are an escape. Personally, i would take a booklet over t.v.

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