What is wrong with my fingers?

Hi there.
For the last three years or so I’ve had these weird problems with my fingers which keep reacurring each year. I have these weird bumps on every one of my fingers. Some are quite small but some are massive too. They are circular with a small dip in the middle and I have no idea why I have…

Sounds to me, *(but I’m more critical than most), the doctor you did see, should have referred you to a specialist, and plenty of hospitals have departments where things like this can be analyzed, and even a sample of tissues taken. Always get a second opinion, and many times third opinion..It could very likely be some sort of rarer condition, (especially since you are in your teens..so go find out! Nodules on knuckle can be a sign of arthritis, but the peeling, and other things “very strange”! Try eating fish oils, omega 3’s as that eoul not only help joints, but skin not to peel during different seasons, one capsule daily is healthy!

erm you went to your Doctor and he/she said, i do not know what it is so you left it at that ?
how strange i think you should change Doctors
i would go back to your Doctors and tell them if they do not know what it is, then they should send you to see someone that will know

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