What is something the opposite sex does that drives you completely crazy?….in a good or bad way?

when they obsessivly want u to send them pictures !

For a woman, is when they talk a lot. It doesnt drive me “crazy” but it can get a little overwhelming especially with my significant other. And I don’t say talk a lot like its a bad thing. I know women tend to be more detailed than men are when it comes to explaining or discussing something. I just try my best to listen

Marchez autour de la maison dans la nudité, elle est à la baisse un soupçon, je pense.
Walk around the house in the nude, she is dropping a hint i think



I know its a very broad thing to say about all women but a lot that I’ve met have a tendency to interrupt me while I’m talking. it drove me insane.

When a man plays hard to get. Very unmanly.

Confident femininity with her appearance…love when a woman wears a dress or a skirt with hosiery and heels…that I can’t resist. That and true one on one interest with flirtatious touching.


When they act girly and moan about their nail polish not being polished enough…. 0_0

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