What is a cool Native American name?

It doesn’t have to be in a Native American language… it can be something like ‘wild horse’ … ya know?

Please try to match this personality:
Outgoing, smart, nature enthusiast, vegetarian, loves all animals, adventurous and funny.

Thanks in advance. 🙂

I’m pretty sure that Native americans back in the day used to name their kids on the first thing they saw when they left their tents after the child was born?
Like sitting bull or something like that.

My suggestion is to walk outside and find the first thing you see.

There’s a native american on the ultimate fighter whose name is Red Horse. He has has a red mohawk. I would go with that.

I think you should have to historically get a name like this to deserve it. And even if you do want a name like this, this sure isn’t the way to get it just asking us only you know what’s inside you.

Squatting Dog

chief furryweasel.


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