To Tip Or Not To Tip???

Do you or dont you tip the following after a party??? I have the party planner who will be there…and the musician..and the entertainer…the video-photographer guy.. and a seperate MC guy who gets my guest up on their feet and gives out gifts during the party??? Who do you tip and who do you not tip..they are all…

Tip them all if you can afford it. I think if they all do a great job and work hard to make your party that much more successful then there worth a Little incentive. Are you already feeding them and allowing them to drink (assuming this is a drinking party) for free? If that’s the case if their already reaping the benefits too, then no don’t tip them unless they really go the extra mile for you. Either way I believe they all will be appreciative and not consider you a bad client and you won’t be though of by the guests as a bad host. Have a great time! ERRRROOF!

You definitely don’t tip the party planner. I guess it would depend on the level of service you receive. If your musician, entertainer, or MC really exceeds your expectations, slip them an extra $20. As you said, they are already getting paid to do the job, but if they go above and beyond, a tip would be a nice gesture.

The party planner does NOT get tipped
The musician get tipped by the people who request music
Photographers do not get tipped
You should tip the MC, if he has doen a great job.
AND I get tipped for answering this question

I say it depends on the party. If it is classy then you should give them a private tip if just a fun party. Have a tip” jar” tyoe deal. Dont write Tips on it just put some money in to start it off.
But Im not for sure.

Tips? We’ll why not smile at her and say hi.. start with the basics. Don’t act like a jerk and be Macho, girls hate that. Just be yourself, If she doesn’t like you then move on. Plenty of fish in the sea. Hope this helps, Cheers,

If you hired all these people for a flat fee, you donot tip any
of them. Especially not the party planner.

The best tip you can give is to tell them to wear a warm coat in cold weather

Although I think el domingo has a good point, I’ll go with Jaysin….tip the bartender.

none of them…and if your paying for all that ,you should be getting but really….if anyone should get tipped it should be the musicians who will be playing all night long without getting recognition.

I dont think you would. That would be hella expensive, no? How about giving them a little gift basket or something. That would be nice.

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