This question is not for those with weak stomachs … I caught my dog eating …?

… MY KITTEN’S POO! (I warned you.) The puppy (10 months, a rescue crossbreed from the RSPCA) is not malnourished and she is not bored, but I have caught her raiding the cat’s litter tray twice so far, so this is obviously her equivalent of what a Mars Bar would be to me!

I know about mother dogs in…

Ahhhh yes…..”kitty crunchies”. It is normal….something about the foods cats eat, and their digestion….what’s left over still smells totally palatable to a dog. I would think the biggest problem (other than not wanting your dog to lick you in the mouth LOL!!) would be the risk of parasite transfer. That, and, whether warranted or not, I worry about the dogs ingesting the cat litter that adheres to the “crunchies”. In our house, I have the litter box on a table out of the way. Cat can easily jump up, but it’s out of reach of the dogs.

I have never known a dog to pass a litter box without having a snack. Too funny about the Mars Bar equivalent!

Dogs do this all the time if they can get at it. It’s very common.
Usually, nothing bad happens to the dog at all, although there certainly a chance that disease could spread to them. Since they live in the same house with this cat, it wouldn’t be a big deal. Just try to keep it out of it.

For whatever reason dogs find cat fecise to be a delicacy. Nothing you can do will keep them from eating it unless you remove the cats litter box to a place where it is no longer accesible.

I saw something similar to this on ” it’s me or the dog” on animal planet.
the dog was eating it’s own poo,
why? because it was eating it’s food so quickly, that it’s poo, tasted like its dog food!
maybe your cat is eating it’s food so fast that its not properly digesting it’s food, so it’s poo tastes like its cat food.
anyway, she ended up feeding the dog a little bit at a time, so it digested its food, and gave the dog some pineapple, to make it’s poo taste nasty.
so, try feeding your cat a little at a time, if you have a self-feeder get rid of it.

as long as your kitten is healthy it wont harm the dog

maybe your dog is an environmentalist , well it is recycling of a sort 🙂

and it could be worse , it could be the kittie eating the dogs pooh , lol

all the best

Puppies eat anything that their noses fancy, from leaves to paper to plastic to kittie p–. keep the kittie box out of her reach and teach her that the kittie box is not her lunch box.

All my dogs will do that if given the chance. Its gross but something dogs do. Just try to keep them away from it.

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