Pros and cons obama vs. mccain?

I was just wondering if anyone could tell me what obama is going to do if he becomes president and what mccain is going to do if he becomes president. and the pros and cons on both of them and there vice presidents

Barry: Con – racist, socialist, inexperienced, liar since he promises to raise taxes while claiming he will cut taxes

McCain: Con – old, boring
Pro: not Barry

Well, McCain is a Republican and so isn’t our current president. So more of the same in that direction. If you like how our country is going, by all means, vote Repub.

If you go to Obama’s website and watch some of his speeches IN ENTIRETY, instead of gathering info based on opinions, then you will be able to make a valued mature decision.

Things that Obama has said or done to make me want to vote for McCain:
– He has cited each of the strict constitutionalist judges as someone he would not have appointed.
– He has said that there are things “above [the] pay grade” of the president.
– A scary voting record (although sparse) in the IL senate

Things that McCain has said or done that make me want to vote 3rd party:
– Former bad guy (ending with Keating scandal)
– Former open borders guy (ended?)

Things that McCain has said or done that make me want to vote for him:
– McCain has a distinct style he’s used to shake up Washington, as opposed to Obama’s unspecific call for change.
– His choice as VP would make a better president than McCain, Biden, or Obama.

you’re not going to get a “real” answer
it will either be bashing mccain or obama

mccain will stay in Iraq but put less US dollars into it, and focus both on offshore drilling and new methods cutting off foreign dependency, creating a wealth of new jobs.

Obama will “responsibly” pull out of Iraq in a matter of years and focus solely on new fuel sources and no drilling.

McCain has experience behind him, but Obama has a way with the public.

McCain- keep this country safe

Obama- Have coffee with the terrorists

Hopefully undo some of the damage that has been done by the present group in power…

Surprisingly similar, you’ll see.

Right down to being anti-gun control and wanting to drill in Alaska… hmmm, is it possible that when McCain talks, it represents his platform – but Obama’s words don’t always match his plan?

McCain will stay in Iraq for as long as possible. He will give the rich tax breaks, and increase unemployment.

McCain= Pro American with experience, wisdom and courage
Obama = Anti American elitist, socialist and appeaser.

You should really check out this website! It has all the information you need to know! Peace

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