My pit bull has bit 5 other dogs and my fiance moved in with her dog. my pit just bit her dog. what do i do?

for all you people out there who thinks that training it is the answer dont be so stupid, you cant stop an aggressive dog with any amount of training if he is biting other dogs how long before he bites a human i have to agree with nick t and do like old yeller sorry

Although they are very sweet and loving dogs, pit bulls were bred to be fighting dogs. There is no avoiding that fact. They are very animal aggressive. It’s what they were bred to do. Finding a single dog home may be your best bet for your dog. Someone who has experience with pits.

ok, so now your dog has bitten 6 dogs, not to mention you let someone move in with a dog knowing your dog had bitten other dogs not very smart on your part its either time to find your dog a new home with someone that can control it or put it down. Its not going to get any better around you apparently

You should have known after the first bite that your dog didnt get along with others, you are risking his life by letting him around other dogs! get him trained and keep him away from other dogs!

Before someone sue’s you, Put it to sleep. If you can’t afford a veterinarian to euthanize it, you can pay a dog shelter to take it, & they will euthanize it. The world is full of nice dogs. It is pointless to keep the nasty ones around.

You need to either give your gfs dog away, take your dog to obidence classes, or give your dog to a single dog home. If you chose to do that, YOU MUST TELL THEM THAT YOUR DOG DOES NOT GET ALONG WITH OTHER DOGS.
You should have already been training your dog more, it has already injured 5 innocent dogs!

i would put the two dogs on a leash (with ya’ll hold’n the leashes) let the dogs stand about two feet apart and if theyr not freak’n out let them move to about a foot apart and let them smell each other if they start to show their teeth growling any of that sort of thing jerk the leash a little (not 2 hard) and say aht aht (no is not good to say be cause we say it to much n our day to day lives they start to think they are always in trouble) if they keep it up seperate them one in one room one in the other then let them calm down for a couple of hours and try agian just keep working with them they’ll get it

Your dog needs a tight fitting muzzle. Seriously, for the sake of your dog’s life.

three words TRAIN YOUR DOG

hope it helps

do like old yeller

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