Iowa and Vermont legalize gay marriage…who’s next?

I’m going with Wisconsin.

Hopefully, the rest of the nation.


I’m with you on Wisconsin. That’s where I live. I have a lot of gay friends and I think it would be awesome if they were allowed the option to marry the person they love.

I’m thinking it might be New Hampshire, but Gov Lynch claims he is against gay marriage, and the House vote was not large enough to override a veto.

If New Hampshire isn’t next, it might be Maine, New York or New Jersey.

probably new york or california. i don’t agree with gay marriage, but what other people do is their own business. and as far as receiving benefits that are the same as a married couple, my suggestion is to simply take those extra benefits away from the straight couples also and make it equal that way, after all why should someone get special treatment just because they found a partner?

EDIT: To wonderwalt: IM from Mississippi, and there are just as many gay people here as anywhere else ya’ ignorant jackass.


Why not?

The straight marriages don’t seem to work these days for longer than a few years.

And just think, the lawyers will be able to make twice the money, with the possibility of gay divorces, also!

And the government can collect more fees for marriage licenses—so that they’ll have even more money to squander, the way that they do with the rest of our money!

So what’s the downside? If you don’t want gay marriage, then don’t marry a gay!!

Are you going to be mad if your state isn’t next? You can move to the nearest one, can’t you? Then you wouldn’t have to wait.

My predictions:
New Jersey
New York
New Hampshire
Illinois (first to make sodomy legal)

I must say Iowa surprises me ! I really thought they where better than that , it has to be the big cities there !I really figure it would hang to the coast on the west and then the north east

Thks ESCOLE48 u give me some hope hate to give up on Iowa !

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