Internet connection slows down!?

Internet connection slows down!
my friends told that some worms, spywares ,malware was affected your pc.
now what should i do….

It seems that your system is infected with some malware. So, plz scan your system with some good Anti-spyware application (Like Spyware Doctor,, Adaware, spybot S&D, etc.) and Anti-Virus Appplication (like Nod32 by eset, Norton, AVG, etc.).
If you are looking for some free stuff then I will recommend you to use Adware-SE, superantispy and Spybot S&D. AVG is a good anti-virus (among the Free one).

This will fix the problem.

Remove Viruses and spyware with these apps. Both are realtime virus and spyware (respective) and are best in class for freeware. Avira and Spywareterminator…

Avira is top ranked and uses very little CPU and RAM. AVG free is BS compared to AVG paid.

Also get a good software firewall. Jetico is the best

before u reinstall or uninstall anything,
try to change th priority of ut browser,
by doing control alt delete, open the task manager, then go to processes and find ur browser, right click and go to change priority, set to realtime if u can if not high will do.
this is a last resort, and DO NOT DO THIS TO MULTIPLE PROCESSES AT ONCE IT WILL CAIUSE UR SYSTEM TO BECOME UNSTABEL AND POSSIBLY CRASH!!!! but as long as u do it sparingly and ddont do it to a bunch of processes u shud be ok.

firstly install a gud antivirus n antispyware or adware
u can use avg antivirus or avast.
u can get it frm
n afterthat nw its time to do sm changes in ur system
open run and type gpedit.msc………..

in it go to adminstrative templates/network/qos packet scheduler/limit reservable bandwith…………

in it remove the limitations of 20 percent bandwith given to windows to zero………

and then the internet speed will increase ………..

reinstall windows

It may be your ISP, call them first!

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