If I am unable to pay off several payday loans when due can I send them a little money at a time to pay them ?

I have about $1,500 owed in different payday loans that I have had to use to be able to pay my bills since my husband split and left me owing alot. I have a real good job offer in another state and need to move with what I have, but don’t want to be in trouble if I pay them off as I can, because I will make…

Most payday loan companies already have your bank account information and will automatically renew your loan each pay period only deducting the finance charcge plus a renewal fee from your account. Unless you want them to suck your account dry you need to contact all of them, because when your renewals run out they will deduct what you owe in full. You may also opt for the paydown option which in most cases can keep extra fees from occuring. Read the fine print in your contracts. In town payday lenders might be easier to deal with than any online ones you have. P.S. These automatic debits on your bank account will supercede any other transactions you may have made and can cause them to bounce adding on overdraft and return check fees. While your at it go after your ex for any joint debt that has occurred. If the bill is in his name call the company and tell them he no longer lives there and have those debts mailed to his new address or his family. Usually only joined debt is on your credit so if your name ain’t on it don’t worry about it. Asking family for help might be a better solution.

Payday loans online are usually offered in short term cash loans to aid people in their immediate needs for cash. Following are the top benefits payday advances can offer you:

Easy to apply and qualify: applying and qualifying for any payday loan or payday cash advance is extremely easy, since the only limitations are that you have sufficient income and have never defaulted on another payday loan in the past.
Information security: when you apply for cash loans, your personal and banking information is secure, since payday lending institutions cannot give it to other companies.
Fast: filling out an application and receiving a cash advance loan only takes a few minutes, and many payday lenders offer you a one-hour guarantee for receiving your money after they approve you.
Flexible: payday loans are short-term, which means you can pay them back easily when you get your next check.
Amount: your income limits the amount you can borrow at any given time, which makes it easier to pay loans back when they are due. This helps to prevent the cycle of debt.
Legislation: many states have laws in place that protect you from extremely high interest rates and fees, so it is important to know the pertinent laws in your state.
Use the money for anything: payday loans generally have no restrictions, which means you can use the money for anything you wish.

Remember, paying something is always good. Also if you are sued by any of them you can show the judge your payments which is evidence of your good faith intent to pay. It will help you in that a judge seeing you attempted to pay will give you credit against the debt for what you have paid and it will help convince him that even though he has to enter a judgment against you, that you should be given an installment payment order. This allows you to pay in installments and prevents them from taking whatever you have to satisfy the debt.

My suggestion is: First course of action–call them and see if you can’t work out an arrangement to prevent legal action and to protect your credit rating. Second course of action: if you can’t do the first, send each creditor something, even a few dollars to show your intent to pay–besides sending a little will help knock down the accumulating interest and may leave the debt in a collection status rather than have it go into the legal proceedings category.

Most times if you are paying something, even if not enough to eliminate the debt over time, the creditor will just harrass you and collect the money that it can while you are still paying….it works for them as they are still getting something and can always sue you later.

Also if any of the debts are your husbands or were caused by him–go after the b–tard and make him pay you–take him to court.

most will allow you to renew up to 2 times but you need to do this beforee the date they end cause then if they cash check you then have a bounced check overdraft fees and more fee from them. pay day loans are a bad way to go, they cost so much in interest you should only get them if your needing the cash befor payday. most do not let you pay them off. if you owes 1500 you prob owe about 200 in interst so far which goes up while renewing…get out from under ASAP and if you stiff them you will goto jail from bouncing check.

I would pay them off one at a time. They are going to apply late charges anyway right? So. either start from the most recent one or from the very first one you did. Then don’t get anymore loans like that.

Call the people you owe money to. Make arraignments with them. Don’t ignore them, most will work something out.

well call them and ask,they might be willing to work you but i dont think so!!!those things are a scam,i used them while i was in college to help pay for materials i needed for a class and it took me 3 years to finally pay it back!!!its a vicious cycle!!!

you should be able to pay the interest on those check’s if i were you i would call them they are humane too but please do not deal with these check cashing places again they just take poor people’s money

No its not people will still want to be payed.

Depends on who they send after you…..lol…

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