I have a few different anti-virus, anti-spyware, and other protection software. I think one of them is a prob?

I suspect one of them may be causing others not to be able to update. How can I determine the problem?

This is what I have:

Adaware (from lavasoft): Currently, when I try to connect for updates, I keep getting an error, and am unable to connect. This has been going on for a week.

Spybot Search and…

I use lavasoft, spybot, comodo and avg (i will be checking panicware). My browser is Firefox with Noscript extension, dictionary, gmail space and others).
To update Ad-aware you need to be login as a administrator. Meanwhile you have the option to do a manually update of the detection Database, follow these steps:
– Close Ad-Aware 2007.
– Download the latest Definitions File in a ZIP file from
(skip the beta version and look for xxxx.xxxx is now available, new definition file for Ad-Aware 2007, locate nearly at the end of the page)
– Save the file to a temporary location.
– When complete, unzip the contents of the file to the installation directory of Ad-Aware 2007, which is usually C:\documents and settings\All Users\application data\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware 2007 and it will replace the old definition
– Open Ad-Aware 2007. You can confirm the latest Definitions File is installed by looking at ‘Update Status’ on Ad-Aware 2007’s main status screen.

I found this forum, maybe could help you completely uninstall spyware terminator
In case you decide to uninstall completetely Spyware Terminator, also uninstall the extra option WinClamAVShield, because my friend told me that has been integrated in the Spyware Terminator.

Good luck!!!!


Adaware and spybot S&D are ok to have and dont cause trouble with each other and actually its good to run two different spywares,, Sorry i am not familiar with spyware terminator

I used threatfire for a short time but i did not like the features and this very well could be where the conflict is comming from Also you only want to use one antivirus at a time on your system so if the threatfire has an antivirus tool with it then I would recomend not using it;

Trial and error is good to use, Try uninstalling the threatfire and see if you can redownload the other then you can always reinstall the threatfire,,

Hope that helped,


Man!! Pick a program that offers spyware and antivirus and get rid of the rest. You have way too many anti virus programs ruuning at the same time. They’re interferring w/ each other. Go on ebay and buy a copy of norton or something for $25 and get rid of the rest. The free stuuf is okay but u pay for what u get. The free ones only cover the basics. W/ the good ones you’ll have real time protection. Which means a threat is stop as it occurs not after a scan is ran and the sucker is already embedded itself in ur machine.

ur problem is panicware popup blocker and spyware terminator the updates on spyware terminator are collected from multiple servers and not just from the spyware terminator servers.
This means that people could upload updates to filter ur internet connection away from ur pc when installng security updates or critical updates
and for popup blocker they suck
just go download mozilla firefox it has a great popup blcoker built in it
hope this solves ur problem
if it doesnt uninstall all security software and dowload firewall, anti virus and anti malware from comodo website its free and very effective

avg spyware sucks but avg anti virus is the best free software on the net
also download mcafee siteadvisor because it may be the sites that u browse that are causing the problem they can change ur browser and download settings

AdAware SE is no longer supported by Lavasoft and will no longer update. It has been replaced by the new AdAware 2007. Uninstall SE and go to their site and download 2007.

It’s complex to slim the subject to “the Best” however in phrases of Anti-virus I might opt for both McAfee or Norton. For anti-spy ware then Bitdefender is well however there are a bunch of others which might be loose and in addition well corresponding to advert-mindful and many others.

jesus christ dude. you must do a lot of risky surfing to have all those different programs on your pc

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