How is building a mosque near ground zero similar to burning a American flag?

I am wondering how when Johnson burned the American Flag in 1984, is similar to the construction/building of a mosque near ground zero is similar?

Johnson who?

anyway – these things have nothing to do with each other. One is a religious issue and the other is freedom of expression (speech)

Who burned the flag in 1984? And how int he world id a flag burning similar to building the mosque? I don’t get it.

Woah now sweet lou, we are talking about the United States. It’s a multi cultural, multi color, diverse, multi faith, no faith , FREEEEEE COUNTRY There is Irish day parades, italian parades, and so forth. If you got so much irritation from one group, then that’s ok? look at history, if it’s not them, then it’s black americans, then its japanese americans, native americans and so forth. Problem is they are all American right? or In your eyes in order to be American means one color one faith or maybe two? Problem is you can not distinguish who is who and collectively punish all by their characteristics, faith, looks etcs. Even if a CITIZEN is born in this country , the way they look make you want to say go back to where ya came from or so and so. Then complain how other countries they came from suck when they did not even come from those countries. You attack sikhs and other groups due to the fear, paranoia, ignorance, manifesting in your system. It’s not right. Problem is look at yourself in the mirror and what you represent or others that have done bad crimes that look similiar to you have represented. If every human was to follow your policy on collectively punishing a group of people then I think your life would become a living hell in the world today. Just take a look at the prison system in the United States as a whole, how many are Muslim and how many are white? or christian? and so forth? Kinda sucks but should rely on facts a little bit more then war mongering fear tactics used by the media who have similar opinions as yours that just promote fear and intolerance towards a group for their satisfaction and joy. You should realize that there were hundreds of Muslims in the WTC site that also got murdered by those terrorists and you should also realize they got multiple pain and suffering for their families, not only did they get killed and die by the hands of terrorists but people like you put their families down due to their faith by collectively punishing them as a whole. Class act, really a class act. Now your moaning and complaining when they build tolerance centers or more mosques or community centers or civil rights groups. They wouldn’t have to go to such lengths if it wasn’t for the islamaphobia presented to you by the media that has taught you to be the way you are. Take a look at others, you got civil rights groups for the groups that people fear and segregate, and discriminate and so forth. SO, this is the situation americans can be anything or from any ethnic background or whatever it’s not a one color one religion nation but many faiths and colors live here from various different backgrounds THOSE people that are building the community center are AMERICANS THEMSELVES of the Muslim faith, they consider themselves american but due to variuos physical characteristics and languages and what not a lot of ignorant people collectively punish them for their color, their ethnic roots, languages, and most of all their faith and connect it to other countries overseas which they are not living in. So, the problem is people collectively hammer people who themselves are American because some people believe this is a white and christian only nation or can only co exist with judaic teachings. Everyone else has got to go basically, or be discriminated, segregated, and harassed. If it is not ONE group it’s another, and primarily if ya don’t fit like the majority then sorry to say USA will never have a region or state where you will be equally accepted as the rest. It’s just the norm for some people to do this to others and that is that, and it has been going on even before the creation of the United States when million and millions of native americans were killed. So, that’s why civil rights groups and community centers sprout up, more mosques and other things are built, if it wasn’t for them, there probably would be a lot more intolerance and lack of diversity experiences for others. Many don’t leave there backyard and are afraid of other people for who they are and what they look like and even mock others for who they are. This is just a prime example. Look at the debates of Senator Strom Thurmond and others back in the 60’s. Seems like a certain group is taking the country back to that era. Fearing, lying, harassing, and you name it, saying go back to where you come from even if you may be born here. It’s just some sort of disorder that has no cure it seems. The media isn’t helping either.

First Amendment rights MY EYE! It is completely funded by TERRORISTS! Legally, of course. The libtards wouldn’t have it any other way. HOW FREEKING DARE any true American say it is religious freedom! IT IS BALD FACED HARASSMENT! I hope we BOMB it as soon as it is built! AND IT WILL BE because of all you ppl who do not THINK RIGHT! You have no idea what is goin down…

It’s a victory mosque and America is just too friggin stupid to understand what this means.

Neither is apparently worse than shooting a Bald Eagle.

They are 2 things you wouldn’t do in my presence.
At least not live to tell about it if you did

They are both protected by the FIRST AMENDMENT.

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