How do you ask a guy to be ur guy friend but not ur bf ???

Hi i really want to be this guys friend but i dont know how to ask him and hes alyays on messenger so i dont know how to ask him

easy easy…. sometimes you don’t have to ask…. you just start talking.. that’s how I have the friend that I have now… it’s hard to some people to think that guys and girls can actually be buddies… i have one… and he’s awesome… but we have alot in common… we did try a date at first but I realized how awkard it was… funny things is… one yr later and i’m attracted to him more than ever but we grew in a different way… Try to bring your music collection over to his house (your cds)… tell him you want to make it more “uppity” and ask who he recommends to add to it.,,,, or see if you could trade some tunes with him…But if he’s that cool… you don’t have to worry about the issues of bf and gf….if he hits on ya… just say i just want to be cool…. tell him to take it easy…. and to get to know ya… can’t hurt… but if he takes it in a way that you are not comfortable with… be sure you draw the line and stick to your guns… some girls back down and let the guy just take advantage of them,,,. but also when he realizes your not “easy”.. he may have more respect for you anyway. Don’t mix up the definition of friendship……… is my best policy… friends.. and that’s it.

To start off, you get a moment alone(on messenger) with him. Then, you tell him<<i think you are pretty cool and in a second,I will sound like a 1st grader but i waz just wondering if you wanted to be my friend (nothing romantic)>>

well add himon your messenger and then you guys keeep talking and in the conversation just be like (are we friends if not can we??) its that easy or if you dont have a mesenger just ask him and be like(can we be friends cuz i want to be your friend and i dont want this to sound weired or anything but i want to be your friend…)then if he says yes you have a friend

Just ask! Just say, “Hey, you are a pretty cool guy. Wanna be friends with me?” However, make it clear that you just want to be friends with him, though.

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Easy, ask him if he wants to hang out as friends and invite some more friends!!! GOOD LUCK!!!

just say it straight out & make it clear you don’t want to get flirty & just want a good friend

‘hi u wanna be friend’i think will do

just ask him directly

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