How do americans see persians (or middle easterns)?

Im 17
live in an urban community, more specific in houston
im half persian.

how does the average american (meaning you live in america obviously) react when they see a Persian or a middle eastern?

i dont have any feelings towards anyone, they can be white, they can be asian, i don’t care, ill talk to…

So, you’re looking for honesty. ..if a Persian, aka Middle Eastern, can assimilate into American modern society I have no problem at all. I saw your picture and I feel you are very beautiful but if you wore a Burka or one of those scarves you’re going to make me feel on edge. The first thing I think of, in this way, are terrorists. I’m sorry for the innocent here and the religiously responsible. When they wear this, they are wearing a badge of allegiance to a religion (that wants to take over the earth) that hates other peoples, is cruel to their women folk, and supports terrorists.
We already have one such organization guilty of supporting terrorism in the US courts right now. Their lawyers are appealing their loss case right now.
I’m sorry to say, after 9/11 happened I woke up with the realization of stoneage people committed to destruction of us all in the name of their God, using modern technology with their stoneage thinking.

I think at first many Americans were panicked and didn’t know what to think. It was a scary time, and we weren’t used to being attacked like that in our own country. However, I believe most Americans are smart enough to realize that not every Persian or Middle Eastern person is a terrorist – at least I hope. The one’s that aren’t, well, I think they are ignorant and need to get informed. If I saw you walking down the street, I’d think, “What a pretty girl,” not wonder about your nationality.

I was actually lucky enough to have been befriended by a Persian family (I’m hispanic) before 9/11 and they helped me through a really rough time in my life – they treated me like family when I felt the most alone. So, personally, when I see a Persian, I remember the kindness given to me by that family. Interesting question!

I don’t think there is an answer to this question. Some people are racist, some people will hate you if you believe in Islam. Most americans I think are so blinded by the US government they think all people from the middle east are terrorist. I see middle easterners as people just the same, you judge a man not by his race, religion, or nationality, you judge him by his intelligence.

Honestly, ive always really liked middle eastern people. They are passionate about their beliefs and can be very friendly and family oriented. I met one iranian guy years ago who I really liked and although it wasnt a very personal relationship, I knew that he was a good person. In my experience, I have dated and am still very good friends with a gentleman from Jordan. In fact, In october I gave him a ticket to visit Amman as a gift to see his dad who he hadnt seen for eight years.He just got back a few weeks ago and I’m so glad that I was able to help him be with his family and away from feeling like an outsider for a little while. When i met him, years ago, He helpped me to escape an abusive relationship. And have had many friendships male and female with people who are from over seas. I even have a pen pal in Lahore who we exchanged christmas gifts a few years ago. I think that its all about a persons individuality not where they come from. Unfortunately everybody doesnt feel that way but who cares?

some individuals hate anybody who’s distinctive–African individuals, Jews, Hispanics, Irish, Polish, community individuals, Catholics, and others have suffered discrimination, hated, or maybe actual injury, which contains dying. this does not cut back the discrimination many midsection Easterners (or maybe southern Asians which comprise Sikhs) go through, in spite of the shown fact that it does help placed issues into perspective. Can something midsection Easterners go through at present evaluate with the genocide of community individuals or slavery of African individuals? in actuality, maximum individuals are tolerant of people who’re distinctive, and a great style of people can proudly say, “I also have a pal (or acquaintances) who’s a Kurd, a Turk, etc.”

Honestly, it depends on the situation. But I would never see a Persian woman on the street and run the other way thinking she is a terrorist.

err I see them as a person..

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