How can one stood first position without studying in class ?

Specially in board exams

Hook up wid the teacher if he or she is good lookin !!! otherwise just Cheat !!! simple thats what school is for !!! Have fun !!

Try having TWO advanced degrees and not clearing 100K! The old axiom given to me by my grandfather is that education and hard work is all you need, but I am doubting that is the truth entirely. Some luck and a little of being in the right lace at the right moment is part of it as well. Money is not the key to happiness though. It would do you well to remember that. Plenty of depressed rich people in the world. Work hard, learn all you can, and try to do for a living something you actually enjoy doing. Happiness follows, with or without the money.

He or she studies at home or gets extra help from the teacher or his /her parents. But for board exams if you don’t study or pay attention in the class, it’s 99.9% impossible to get on the first position.(I don’t know anything ’bout board exams, but heard they are extremely difficult.)

If the student studied with help of parents or brothers or sisters at home prior to coming each class every day and thorough in subject , he or she simply sits and hears in class and appears to be not studying at all.But they know already as they studied at home.This way there is a possibility of one standing first though ,in class he/she does not study.

some prodigies will also be there…like extraordinary intelligence and retention capacity.they are geniuses ..that is all.You can’t beat them.

My friend there is no short cut for success.You will have to work hard to prepare .Think and live books prescribed for exam

in india and pakistan you can purchase board exam question papers in advance the most corrupted countries,buy and prepare atleast

he was the only studnt in da class.

if you have self motivated person than you can do .andyou must have ponce


not possible

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