Dow Jones Peaked around Mid-2007 and started going downhill, 1/2 year after Democrats won 2006.?

Coincident? I think not.

I have been saying this for the past 2yrs. now and with a passion through out the election. Its easy to get votes and support from the clueless but difficult to get those with even basic economic knowledge to invest in an out of control government.

Why is that REPPUBLICANS believe the Democrats in Congress had SO MUCH control over the economy???

I’m BAFFLED by this! So, when the FIRST BUSH STIMULUS went through BEFORE 2006, the Democratic MINORITY was to blame too??? I mean since they had SO MUCH power.

And exactly WHAT piece of legislation or what ‘spending’ or ANYTHING CONCRETE… can you show me that Democratic Congress had ANYTHING to do with the economy?

BUSH sent out STIMULUS checks back around 2003-4, when the economy was sagging, they extended UNEMPLOYMENT benefits to a YEAR… remember??

You STILL didn’t answer MY question… What CONCRETE thing did the Democratic Congress of 2006 do that “messed” up the economy… Democrats didn’t even have a filibuster proof majority in the SENATE. I don’t remember ANYTHING that passed Congress that Bush signed.

This just shows that American business has lost confidence in our government. It will get worse unless the voters do something about starting with the 2010 mid-term election and then the 2012 Presidential election. We need to vote the do nothings out of there.

The Democrats were to blame, despite the fact that Bush vetoed every piece of legislation they sent to his desk.

Hey! I hear 0bama really likes pizza? How about that? I like pizza too. I’ll bet lots of people like pizza. Probably thousands of people like pizza. That just proves 0bama is a man of the people. Yep, a real peoples man. I like hand tossed pepperoni with extra cheese. Did you know pizza comes from Italy? In Italy they cook it in fire ovens….

Never discuss the facts. It just pisses of the Liberals.

and unemployment is 9.4% at present. The newly created jobs were the 14 & counting Czars’ appointed by the messiah Obama.

By your logic, the dow was at it’s highest level in 2007, but started declining in 2006. Is this another way of saying your full of sh*t?

There are no coincidences. The Dow was at 14K in October of 2006. Enough said????

For most of Bush’s years in office, our economy was a dynamo. Records broken.

Then, Democrats took Congress.

The rest is history.

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