Does Romney really have a chance of winning against Obama without Ohio?

I don’t see it happening.

With Obama leading in new CNN polls out today in New Hampshire, Wisconsin, and Iowa, as well as new polls yesterday in Ohio, Florida, Nevada and Virginia….does Romney really have a chance of winning without Ohio?

Obama will win Ohio next week, as He’s been leading in every…

Pennsylvania has 20 EC votes “(CNN) – Need more evidence that Pennsylvania won’t be a cakewalk this time around for President Barack Obama?

Then here you go: A Franklin and Marshall College poll of likely Keystone State voters released Wednesday indicates Obama with a 49%-45% edge over Republican nominee Mitt Romney. The president’s four point advantage is within the survey’s sampling error and is down from a nine point lead he had last month.”

Obama is down in a state he won roundly in 2008.

First off, Ohio will not be a lock for Obama. Rasmussen had it tied this week. If Romney misplaced Ohio, he’d need to do the following: 1. Wisconsin, Colorado, and New Hampshire (or Iowa) 2. Pennsylvania, and someone state above. I definitely think state of affairs #1 is viable. I believe the clicking is majorly underestimating Republican turnout…They’re much extra inspired than Democrats. In 2008 Obama had eighty,000 people at his Cleveland rally. At present he had four,000. Meanwhile Romney had 30,000 in Ohio yesterday.

The CNN polls are mostly Hogwash.

Most of the polls are all assuming that the turnout of young little skulls full of much obama-bots will be the same as it was in 2008, and it simply WILL NOT. IF you skew the polls to ONLY 2008 trends, then obama is ahead. BUT if you average the last four elections in your weighting of the polls, Romney wins all of them.

skid marks left a stink in ohio they will never forget. Obama leaves stinks streaks of poo everywhere from the middle east and kenyan ****.

Florida is a huge Romney supporter I know that much..

ohio has an illegal mexican problem which obama legalized so they could vote.

I love the answer that Obama supporters are tired of the Republican lies. Guess they’re ok with Obama lies.
Regarding your question, he must win OH. Unlike many here, I’ll let the ballots do the talking.

A serial liar should never have a chance at winning anything.

Don’t ever forget, though, that Republicans cheat.

Obama, 2012

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Electoral College Picture Incorporating Current Toss Up States Leanings…
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Obama 303
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No . Romney will be lucky to win in Florida . The Romney people are in for a big thrashing .

highly unlikely… Mitt would have to win Pa or something… which is even less likely than he wins ohio…

Ohio looks like the line in the sand, assuming Mitt can hold on in Florida

Does Santa Claus really exist… when you find him, Romney will be the President at the time.

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