Does Obama really believe that being the Bully President will win elections in 2010 and 2012? Really does he?

The President continues to threaten, bully and otherwise push his agenda on the American people. Does he really believe attacking Foxnews, Chamber of Commerce, Insurance, Wall Street, GOP minority, Talk Radio, and any other person who dare to disagree or God Forbid oppose his agenda is going to gain him or his…

You’re kidding, right? He’s done more reaching out to the other party in 8 months than Bush did in 8 years. Just because the Republicans reject his overtures doesn’t mean he’s a bully.

Obama is merely fullfilling the mandate he was elected with – he is not pushing an agenda on the American people – the American people voted for that agenda.
As for being a bully – you mean by not using the deliberately partisan and divisive rhetoric of the previous administration (“you are either with us or against us”).

It is nice to see you guys have still refused to learn anything from 2006 and 2008.
Denial and wishful thinking were not particularly successful campaign strategies then – but you just keep relying on them.
2010 generic congressional vote polling – Dems 45, Republicans 39.5. With more seats at risk and a lower proportion of the vote it takes some pretty special math to conclude you will win. The same sort of lunacy that had you telling us you would retain control in 2006, win it back in 2008 and that Obama was “unelectable”.…

But then I got to the end of your rant and realized you were joking. nobody could possibly be so deluded as to think that intellectual and political lightweight is a chance of getting elected.
So – yes good joke – you had me going for a while.

BTW – here are the real facts.
The last time McCain led Obama in polling was on Sept 16. This was hardly “right after she was announced” and this was not the only time McCain was ahead in the polls. In fact -the announcement had little if any impact on McCain’s polling numbers
What is noticable however is the decline in McCain’s polling from Sept 8. What was happening about then? That’s right – they let Palin free in the Press where she embarrassed herself first with Gibson and then even with Hannity pitching her the most hittable questions she still couldn’t cut it.…

But don’t let me stop you. If you want to throw away the 2012 election on a candidate that 67% of voters say they do not want to see as President one day – go right on ahead.

Are we scared of Palin – not as a candidate – no. She is demonstrably the easiest to beat (hell ask a couple of hard questions and she just quits and writes a book apparently). But we are terrified of the concept of a right wing extremist such as her – let alone one so dangerously ignorand and underqualified having any power. Anything can happen in an election – so we will continue to call her out for what she is.
But most of all – we subject her to so much ridicule because quite simply she is ridiculous.

Neither candidate is solid for our united states. they do no longer run it besides — they are advised what to do by technique of people who fairly run our united states — and definitely something of the international. Whoever sits in that white house is completely a puppet. the ordinary public is so naive. in the event that they actually knew who ran this united states they could so upset. flow decrease back by using contemporary proclaims of the Federal Reserve and hear what became reported in Sept. of this year — approximately how the Feds are purely going to print greater funds out of thin air and systematically purchase up lots of the land and mortgagees in the USA of a, and then weep.

Yes More and more People are Saying they are Democrats Less and Less Claim to be Republicans, Libertarians and Independents are Growing too, Attacking them More like Fighting Back against
his Critics are Troublemakers he has to Stand his ground, If not It shows Weakness.

He`s dishing out the same medicine back to you guys and you guys don`t like. Why do you guys expect everyone else to like it as well.

Try some positive tactics for a change that will win you votes, instead of turning people off to by these negative con rants!

Well i think it looks good in 2010 for republicans. Its time to get rid of that toxic liberal snake oil in the house and senate. If health care is pushed through the republicans can kill it in 2013. Same as any other bills Obama writes to law.

It has kept the far left Obamanists fawning over him. But yeah, he is neglecting the center, the moderates who helped vote him in.

I believe he is so narcissistic that he believes he is unstoppable he better brace himself for reality and a big dose of it and all the kings men!

Well, you got the answers you expected: Name calling and insults from the liberals. It kind of proves part of the point, doesn’t it? I hope your other predictions are at least close.

The boy may well know how to agitate, but agitation doesn’t equal reelection. His inexperience is really beginning to show.

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