Do you think a 13 year old girl is tooo young for a 16 yr old boy>???

My step daughter was taling to a 16 year old boy, well i told her dad and now she wont trust me, we used to be very close, i know she still loves me but now she wont confide in me anymore and she used to telll me everything…what should i do ??????????

you simply shouldnt of told her dad, you might of just lost her trust in you for a long time. tell her your sorry and wont do it again, and actually mean it. 16 is a bit too old, but you should of handled it yourself. what if an 18 year old starts talking to her next.. she wont have anyone too tell then

When i was 13 i also had a boyfriend that was 16. we really loved each other, and he was a good-hearted person. We dated for 3 years until he went to college and we both decided it was just too hard for a long distance relationship, with him being across the country, and all. I’m 18 now and we are like best friends, even though we moved on. That’s not the case all the time. You should have ,possibly, had a talk with her before you confronted her dad., but it’s not to late. tell her how you feel, tell her what she thinks about him, is he REALLY a good person. After that, confront your husband, all of you sit down and talk about it. it may be uncomfortable for her or you, but believe me, she’ll thank you latter. just tell her you trust her and hope she makes the right decisions. That’s probably all she needs to hear. If not. email me, I’m always open to questions. I hope everything works out. God Bless.

I think that’s too much of a difference at that age. Until she’s 17 then she can start dating guys who are 3 years older. But right now these two kids are at 2 different levels in their lives. No “cool” 16 year old boy dates a 13 year old. What would she think of a 13 year old boy dating a 10 year old girl???

A 13 year old girl is definitely too young for a 16 y/o boy. Looking back, it might have been better to talk to her first about your concerns before talking to her dad, but you can’t change that.

Your first concern must be for her safety. There may be a few 16 year old boys who would innocently get involved with a 13 year old but most of them are just looking to see how far they can go. There’s just too much of a maturity gap between those ages for them to really be able to connect.

Let her know you still want her to talk with you and don’t just automatically repeat everything she says to her dad. And *never* lie to her. If she says something like “I’ll tell you something but only if you promise not to tell Dad…” then you have to tell her you can’t make that promise.

She probably won’t talk to you now because she feels betrayed. You can earn her trust back but she has to know that you’ll have to tell her dad if she tells you about stuff that is dangerous or illegal.

yeah i think this is where i draw the line. usually age isn’t that big of a problem, even though everyone thinks it is. but there is a huge difference between a 13 year old and a 16 year old. if they were like 15 and 18 or 16 and 19 it might be different but not right now.

I remember when I was 12 I had a fascination with older guys round 16 I dreamt of a bad boy and riding around on his moterbike and I was the quiet girly girl of the class
Don’t worry she’ll grow out of it soon enough and talk to the guy see what he thinks.

well as a 16 year old boy , if you meant talking to just like saying hello wassup how its going sure there is no problem

If you mean like talking to her on the phone maybe going out with her then yes.

I cant see what a 16 year boy and 13 year old girl would have in common. she probably is in 8th grade while he is probably in 10th grade

yea well i’im a 16 year old boy…. and 1. no normal 16 year old boy talks to 13 year old girls… it’s not “cool” i guess… and they’re just not like mature enough apparently.
2. Being that i’m a guy… i know exactly what the guy is thinking… which is NOT how to help her with her homework if u know what i mean.

I’d AT LEAST want to meet the guy and talk with him if not tell her that she can’t talk to him

dont force her to tell you stuff no matter how much you want to know trust me i’m 13 too.

well anyway. if the guy is sixteen and UGLY then i understand why hes with a thirteen year old. but if hes 16 and goodlooking… im sure he can mess with someone his own age. so yeah what does he have to be doin with a 13 year old. definitely not to be ‘just friends’

13 is definitely too young for a 16 year old. Just be consistent and keep loving her. Don’t let her get away with anything…one day she will thank you.

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