Do u think israel is now recognized with middle east or its still a temporary state?

Do u think israel is now recognized with middle east or its still a temporary state?

Israel isn’t going to go away. It’s a permanent feature of the Middle East; and the sooner Israel’s neighbors wake up to that fact the sooner there will be peace in that region.

Israel is not xactly recognised as a part of the Middle East, but it’s not temporary(i think)

The Palestinians and the Israelis will never attain an settlement. On one hand, you have the Palestinians who’re combating to regain their rightful place of beginning, and on the different, you have Jews who choose to maintain the land they encroached upon regardless of understanding that it’s not theirs. Israel is commonplace for an incredible many crimes against humanity yet they have in no way been held responsible for them as a results of fact the U.S. constantly vetoes each selection that is against them. the area is plenty greater advantageous than in simple terms Israel, it comprises the international banks and prosperous households like the Rothschilds. the only conceivable answer to the violence in the midsection East is that if the U. S. government might arise against Israel and their financiers and carry them responsible for all their crimes. till that occurs, the Palestinians are going to maintain resisting authority and the Arab worldwide at great will perpetually have stressful thoughts against usa.

I know Egypt, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Oman etc. formally recognize it. But all round I think that most people there regard it as a US/UK invasion and not to be tolerated.

The ORIGINAL Israel is recognized but the rest of the land they STOLE has not been and never shall be.

See the map here:…

Is it really fair that the Palestinians have to suffer for what the Nazi Germans did against the Jews?

Just read the headlines;

Daddy, It Hurts, Then She Died”:…

if u ask any jewish that why u occupying this land they only have one answer GOD choose them they think they are greater then others by birth. so do u think this kind of attitude could solve the problem.

Shalom my friend, Shalom

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