Christian teen life problem?

Its all started as a teenager. (currently 19) I have always had alot of issues with selfesteem and how I view myself and others view me. I am a youth pastor and I know all the “Im made in the image of god” stuff. But it doesnt change how I feel… Whats going on is when I have had relationships its always…

Kevin you say you are a youth pastor and I am not trying to be harsh only honest. You need to take a step back. You are suppose to be an example for the youth to follow. And you don’t know how to lead. You need to get your mind right before you can help anyone else with their life issues. As a youth pastor you should know that God has a women out there for you and when the timing is right He will reveal that person to you. But you sound to me not to be ready. You also say even christian girls, as a youth pastor you should not be dating anyone but christian girls. Do not be unequally yoked. If you as a youth pastor desire to be married your mate will also be your helper in the ministry, how can she help if she is not a christian and see things as you do? So as for wasting time, it is a wast of time to date a non christian if you plan on staying a minister of the Gospel. If you are a youth minister you are under the pastor of your church. I bet you could look to that person as to what a healthy Godly relationship should be. That is where you should be going for your advise and not YA. So my advise is to take a step back from being a youth minister and seek counseling from your pastor.

I’m Athiest myself, but I’m not going to tell you to drop God and all that. But what you need to do, is EDUCATE YOURSELF. As a kid you were told what was right and what was wrong, but now you are old enough to think for yourself. You have been raised on the side of religion, and know nothing of the outside world. You don;t see all the contradictions that God puts us through on a daily basis. Look up “TheAthiestExperience” on youtube. I don’t want to sound like every other person yelling about how god is fake and all that, because I know how it feels to have your beliefs shut down like that. But in your situation God is ruining your life, and all everyone will tell you is that, YOU are doing something wrong(when you aren’t) or that God is testing you. You are plenty old enough to be in a relationship defined BY YOU. Not by a book.

Part of the problem is that you are trying too hard. The other part is God warns us trouble even in the best of relationships. So even if you find Mrs. Right, you will be disappointed sooner or later….

If you are a pastor then you should rededicate your life to that and put looking for a mate on the back burner. We see many blessings in Scripture for those who have done that.

Leave the so-called god and live like a normal human without superstition; read more, continue to study instead of reading one book or books that relates to bible because it will narrows your view and your thinking. You have to get out to the world to experience real life. If you never fall then you will never move.

Remove the mythical character, you call God, from the equation. The solution will be simple then.

here a book that can help you

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