Can Internet connection without static IP be shared via router at home?

I have internet connection that works on DHCP without a statiic IP.
How do I configure on a wireless router such that I can share internet to other computers.

visit for the setting page of your router.
user: admin
password: password

click configuration->wireless
here set sharing enabled and provide a password.
thus you can share your internet to other wireless devices.

Sure. If you’re utilizing a static IP handle which you can simply change that one best however chances are you’re utilising dynamic which is what just about each person uses at home. Hint: if you are no longer paying a different price for static IP you are making use of dynamic. Hindrance the below instructions at the windows command prompt start button style in “cmd” right click the icon and decide upon “run as administrator” (enter password if induced) style in “ipconfig /unencumber” enter sort in “ipconfig /renew” enter After about 5-10 seconds your computer will obtain a brand new IP address.

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