Barack Obama? Ummmm have you guys realized?

I dont know what america has in their heads but we are about to elect a president by the name of “BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA”.
Just say the name a couple times and think about it.
“Barack Hussein Obama”

1. His first name is Barack.

2. His middle name is Hussein, ring a bell?

3. His last…

America ought to be ashamed when a person with a muslim background is running for president. This whole presidential campaign is just going to start a riot. I’m all for a black president or a woman president. But come on. Not Hilary or Obama. I won’t even vote this year because it’s just too pathetic.

This election may just prove how wonderful the USA really is.
That a black man from a ordinary family with a Muslim name
can be come president of the US. simply amazing. maybe there is still some hope. it will prove that anything is possible in the USA.
Bu$h has a very American sounding name . came from a very rich privileged family. and destroyed the US as president.

Just maybe Obama will turn this country around so i can travel abroad without being ashamed to be an American because of what bu$h has done

you’re somewhat at a loss for words. NO usa provides understand to a rustic it rather is efficiently competing with it or otherwise blocking off their pastimes. we don’t get complimented on any of the forged issues we do. We on no account will. it is going to consistently be “How come you at the instant are not doing extra!” it rather is the way countries artwork, and appeasement is merely stupid. Regain understand? incorrect, we will lose it. like the baby who provides up their lunch money, we can be victimized persistently because of the fact we could have shown how undemanding a mark we are. we can be attacked, and we can merely circulate to sleep back, to sidestep a combat. The message it is going to deliver if Senator Obama is elected is: “See, we’ve been precise, u.s. is a paper tiger and we can smash them interior the top”. it rather is the message that went out earlier 9/11 for the duration of the Islamic international. President Bush proved them incorrect. President Obama will tutor them precise. Democrats for McCain/Palin. Oh, how do i understand? My kin fled Islam earlier i became born. you have not any theory what you’re speaking approximately.

I think you meant President Barack Hussein Obama.

Get use to it, you’ll be saying it for the next 8 years.

Wow. This is America, where anyone, regardless of name can be elected. If you want to live in a place where you can be better tolerated for your hate of names, go to the Middle East and they’ll treat you well….

Oh wait… no they won’t, because you don’t like those kinds of names, I’m guessing? Ah, I guess no country is perfect for you.

And even though we had all of the chat traffic in the world, we weren’t able to prevent 9/11 because we didn’t have Arab-Americans in the intelligence services. If we had some they would have been able to tell George Tenet that there were no WMD’s. since 9/11 we have been recruiting Arab-Americans to help fight the war on terror. i hope your ignorance hasn’t cause a potential recruit to change his or her mind.

Give it a rest.
He is sorry that you can’t open your mind enough for you to realize that your name wasn’t your choice. And even if he did choose his name, it is just a name.
My parents named me after my grandmother, does that mean I am going to be as terrible of a person as she was?

Yes you care! if you didn’t care then you wouldn’t have asked.
for the record, I voted for Hillary but in November I am voting for Obama.

Well, Dan sounds like Klan, ring a bell?

You are possibly the most hilariously ignorant person I have ever had the pleasure of laughing at.

Please, for humanities sake, go and learn to spell and read, then go and read as much as you can.

It’s not your fault that you were bred into ignorance, like most of the you hilarious American republicans. This made my day.

His fans don’t even care, let alone believe that he willingly changed his first name from Barry to Barack.
They don’t care that Barack is a transliteration, which is a sound for sound pronunciation, straight from the Quran.

lmao youre soo late.

the man has no control over his name, dumbass. he is a united states citizen, who cares what his name is. a name has nothing to do with whether or not he will be a good president.

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