Are atheists allowed to use Angel Soft toilet paper?

*gasp* Oh no, am I wiping my bottom with paper too holy for it??

Uh oh, look at all the “thumbs down”. Looks like people are already abusing the big “Report” button.

That stuff falls apart. Some of us are born hairy, and need to use the 1-ply strong stuff.

Besides, whoever said angels were soft? I know all about the angel-soft flaming sword after curry night.

No one has tried to stop me. I love Angel Soft – it doesn’t shred like some other brands when you’re really getting into it, and there’s very little dust.

You’ll get my Angel Soft when you pry it out of my cold dead hands.

I can’t remember if angel soft is the worst toilet paper, or the best….cause how it causes septic tank backups.

I use cottonelle or scott.

If we start letting atheists use Angel Soft TP, whatever will the “true” Christians do????

Just as much as I’m allowed to eat Lucky Charms.

Yeah, especially after that Devil’s Food Cake I had last night…

That’ll get rid of any demonic smell emanations.

No! And NO angel food cake either! You’re only allowed Devils Food Cookies….. damn, now I’m hungry. :-P~~~

We’re relegated to using Scott.

Isn’t that them saying to the world: “Put your angels in my A$$”???

This one doesn’t. He uses Quilted Northern at home and some rough cheep stuff at work.

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