AOL internet has become extremely slow…?

Basically, a couple of week ago I noticed the speed of my internet has dropped dramitcally. I have a 1Mbps connection plan with AOL.

Upload speed seems very fast but downloads are running at between 15.1kbs-16.0kbs and seems to jump around between those 2 margains.

I am behind a Netgear DG834G router. The…

Try reseting the router? I think people i mean your neighbor are taping into your router using there wireless . Check your active user list on your router see whos logged on ? It very possible that there using your internet ive seen it alot of times.

That’s why I left AOL last year and went to Comcast High Speed.

There is no reason for AOL dialup. Especially if you download stuff. It takes forever!

back in about 1990 I started using prestel, which was an on-line ordering system. by 1992 we had an internet connection – i think the first modem i had was a fantastic 33K – back then we used to dream of having a 56K modem 🙂 the internet was not *necessarily* about dial-up…. universities and larger institutions were not on dial up, but almost everyone who had a home connection was on dial up. my first *proper* PC had 40Mb hard drive, 4Mb RAM with an external 33K modem

You have AOL, enough said.
Drop AOL and go with a normal ISP…

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