Any bad effects of putting gasoline in diesel car?

A friend just called and said she put about a gallon of regular in her diesel car. She topped it off with 10 gallons of diesel. I told her I thought there would be no harmful effects, but I wasn’t absolutely positive. Anyone with experience?

You will be fine, no more that that is it will do nothing more than act as a injector cleaner. Just do not say anything about gas being in the fuel tank, because it is illegal to put gasoline into a diesel vehicle ( because of road use taxes), even if it was by accident. A trucker friend of mine got fined just for that, a big fine, then had to pay the tax difference. Alot of people use gasoline for a injector cleaner, it is pretty common, they just havnt got caught doing it.

Two choices, empty the tank now and take the $50 loss.
Top it off and keep topping it off at every 1/2 tank for about 500 miles.
Then put a 5 gallon jerry can in a safe place , fill it with diesel, run it till it is out, put the 5 gallons in, stop at next fuel station and top it off with diesel.
I had to run a tractor once in a very remote area, it ran out of diesel and I used some siphoned petrol/gasoline from my truck.
I was told about that topping off trick by a marine mechanic.
Also wanna do the Plugs and Filters after about 1000 miles, to get it back in order, damage is done, it isn’t that bad.

A little driving around, and it should be fine. Gas doesn’t burn the same as diesel, but it does still burn, and shouldn’t have any noticable effects. The fact that the gasoline is thinner than diesel also means it won’t gunk anything up, like injectors or pumps/filters. The worst she should notice is a slight loss of power until the gas is burned out of the tank, gas just simply does not have the ability to generate the same kind of power that diesel can…

I did this in my GMC pickup. I put about 25 gallons of gasoline in it and didn’t realize it till I got a few miles out of town when the truck began to get very sluggish and lose power. It finally stopped running. I went back to the gas station and they said they had just got a load of gas delivered. but then as he looked at an electronic gadget on the wall he realized the driver had loaded the gas into the diesel tank. I had to drain the gasoline from my truck and refill it with diesel and no harm was done except for me being very inconvienced. She’ll be just fine and if not drain it out and get new fuel. Gasoline will not make her diesel explode or run fast like many people think.

With any luck she won’t remember who she asked. Gasoline and diesel do not mix well.

Personally I would have cleaned out the tank and replaced the fuel with new diesel. It probably will not do much damage, but why take the chance. Fuel is cheaper than an engine job.

One gallon in ten may not
be enough to cause the
engine to catch on fire,
but any more than that
and you can get fire lots
of different places on a diesel.
I would imagine at least
the engine will knock until
the gasoline mix is out of it.

It shouldn’t hurt a thing. I used to do this on purpose in the winter for improved running. Her fuel mileage will be less on this tank, but should not cause a problem.

SHE MUST DRAIN ALL THE FUEL OUT OF THE VEHICLE OR SHE CAN RISK A CATASTROPHIC EXPLOSION THAT COULD INJURE OR POSSIBLY KILL HER WHEN THE GASOLINE GETS INTO THE ENGINE.Diesel engines run on compression VERY HIGH COMPRESSION and when the motor tries to compress regular gasoline the results is dangerous if not downright explosive with pieces of the engine often being blown off and turned into pieces of metal traveling at high rates of speed often fast enough to blow right though sheet metal and into the passenger compartment where upon impact with human flesh they act like shrapnel.

I doubt if it will make any difference. If she notices any problems then drain the tank. If not, then just run it through the engine.

well with it being diluted with that much diesel it should be okay, but if it does hurt anything probably injection pump/injectors.

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