After World War 2 why were the Jews given Palestine instead of a part of Germany?

I can’t imagine they would have wanted any part of Germany.

There’s a long complicated explanation involving the Mandate of Palestine that was the precursor to Israel as a nation state, as well as the religious implications involved, but I won’t bore you with that. The answer in a nutshell is, even though the rest of the world felt oh-so sorry for their plight after the holocaust, antisemitism was still rampant in most of the world, and nobody knew what to do with all the Jewish refugees and didn’t want them in their countries, so they stuck them all in the middle of the desert surrounded by people who would rather they not exist. And if it weren’t for the crazy Evangelical wing-nuts that think Israel is important to fulfill Apocalyptic prophecy, they might not, as the US is their only ally.

That’s about as close as you’re ever going to see me come to giving Evangelicals a compliment. I had to choke back the bile rising in my throat.

<edit> But the other answers do have a point. Why WOULD they want any part of Germany after WWII?

<edit> @ Fireball – did you get lost? This isn’t your usual stomping grounds.

<edit> @ Millie – that’s a very slanted and biased answer, and actually shows little depth of knowledge about actual history. And besides, take away your clearly religious perspective for a moment, and tell me how your rational would not apply to any displaced people throughout history. Should America hand over its land to the Native Americans and displace 300,000,000 people by your logic?

There is a statute of limitations on this kind of thing. The Jews hadn’t owned Palestine since the 6th century BC when the Diaspora happened, and for that matter they stole it from the Canaanites first.

Palestine did not belong to them. The League of Nations did not have the right to give it to them. The point is moot now, since they’re there and we just have to deal with it, but your answer is myopic, and I sincerely hope you did not TD Jabberwok and affinity292. Their answers were much more well informed than yours. They came from ACTUAL history, not the bible.

Read my answer and then go ask your Historian doctor husband to explain to you what you did wrong.

When you project your incorrect and idiotic biases onto a questioner by reading too deeply into a question that does NOT require your thinly veiled insults, don’t be surprised when someone calls you out. You better damn well make sure you know what you’re talking about before start running your mouth.

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maybe because –

USA/UK (and their allies) and Russia, both wanted a piece of Germany?

hence the whole major part of history known as the Iron Curtain, Cold War etc?

why would any of those major coutnries therefore, even give one thought about what the Jews were going to get?

well – they WOULDN’T

therefore – since the Jews obviously needed somewhere to go, the major powers just thought – well, we’ll dump them in somewhere like, hm, ah, erm, somewhere where they have historic connections, ermmmm, eeniee meeniee miney mo – PALESTINE – now they can stop moaning about not having anywhere to settle.

and there you have it.

They were in palestine.

80% of palestine was given independence and renamed Jordan.

They immediately pushed all the palestinian Jews out of that 80% of palestine and forced them in to the remaining 20% of palestine.

The remaining 20% of palestine had the palestinian Arabs that had been in that 20% + the palestinian Jews that were in that 20% + the palestinian Jews forced out of the other 80% of palestine.

Jews were not “given” palestine. The UN voted to partition the remaining 20% of palestine into 2 states with borders and governments based on demographic majority.

Majority Arab areas would be a second palestinian Arab state; majority Jewish areas would be a Jewish state, and Jewish majority Jerusalem would be an international city.

Israel has always been the Jewish homeland. Israel was being rebuilt as the Jewish homeland in the 19 th century not after world War 2 .Jews have always lived in Israel to some extent

Because that land was theirs until the Romans forced the Jews in the year 135 AD after the Jewish Revolt. Not happy with forcing the Jews out of their land, the Romans replaced the name Judea with the name Palestine. So, after the WW2, the land was returned to its right owners, the Jews.

You should read more a*actual* history instead of blindly believing *convenient* fairy tales…..

I think the fear another Holocaust could happen to them in Europe.
If it was up to me, I would want my country to be anywhere outside of this dark and primitive Islamic region..

Also take in mind many Jews took refugee in Israel, because they had nowhere else to go.
Moshavot were founded before 1948, and there were already big Jewish cities such as Tel Aviv and Petah Tikva.

They weren’t given Palestine, Palestine was about 25% Jewish by 1945 because of limited immigration since 1918, and the British (who ran it) planned an independent Palestine for ALL its people by 1949.…

It was extremist zionist groups like the Irgun and Lehi who aimed to establish a Jewish state (not just a homeland within the state) and turned to terrorism to establish this, attacking British forces e.g. bombing the King David hotel in 1946.…

They also attacked many Palestinian civilians, and Palestinians fought back. The situation was in danger of turning into a civil war, and extra troops were sent to impose order.

A big problem was that many illegal Jewish immigrants from Europe tried to enter Palestine, many of them traumatised by WW II and in no mood to coexist peacefully with the locals. This greatly added to the conflict on the ground, so British authorities intercepted the ships and detained the migrants. This influx was organised by the Jewish Agency who refused to consider resettlement of refugees in the UK, Empire or USA. After a detainment camp was attacked and detainees released, they were detained in Cyprus instead.

However, the Truman administration of the USA demanded that these immigrants be allowed into Palestine, threatening economic sanctions. The UK, almost bankrupt after WW II, was in no position to refuse, agreeing to the demands of a joint commission, and this influx of immigrants indeed made the situation far worse on the ground.…

To try to find a Plan B, the UK turned the problem over to the newly formed UN, and announced an intention to quit the territory in 1948. The UN drafted a partition plan, but this could not be agreed by the parties in Palestine, so the White Paper plan continued. The unrest escalated into virtual civil war, and the British became less able to cope, particularly as upcoming Indian independence and partition was drawing in so much manpower there.

The civil war included certain massacres of civilians, such as at Deir Yassin, and this caused a number of people in Palestine to flee the territory to neighbouring countries until the fighting would subside.

One day before the end of Mandate, Zionists declared Israel as a Jewish state, and the Truman administration recognised it 11 minutes later. By this time the British were in no position to stop it. Open war broke out, drawing in surrounding Arab countries and the Israelis were victorious on the battlefield. However, they “ethnically cleansed” almost 80% of Palestinians in the process.

By the time a ceasefire was arranged, Israeli forces controlled 78% of Palestine, far more than was allocated to a Jewish state under the UN partition plan.

Although these cease-fire lines were meant to be temporary pending a settlement, Israel has maintained them as borders ever since, even expanding into more territory. UN resolutions demanded that Israel allow the refugees to return to their homes and reclaim their property, but instead it has continuously refused and has even confiscated their property.

So, they weren’t ‘given’ Palestine, Jewish extremists took it by force, ethnically cleansing the indigenous population. This continued dispossession is the underlying cause of all the conflict ever since.

It’s an example of religiously-inspired extremism making the idea of “god gave us this land” take priority over normal secular citizenship and property rights, as well as international law.

Why would they want to remain in a nation that tried so systematically murder their entire race?

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